Welcome to Astrea IT Services

Cloud computing is widely considered as the biggest IT game-changing technology since the Internet. Astrea provides services on Salesforce’s Force.com platform. One of the most successful cloud computing development platform is Salesforce.com’s Force.com. Force.com provides order of magnitude savings in term of development time when compared to standard web development platforms like J2EE and .Net.

Pledge 1Percent Member Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner

Astrea IT Services is a Registered Salesforce.com’s partner. Astrea’s core competencies include Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Applications Implementation, Data Management on the Salesforce.com platform and Cloud Application Development. We are Salesforce offshore partner located in India.

Salesforce AppExchange Partner

Astrea’s associates are skilled problem-solvers. The focus on Force.com platform enables Astrea’s associates to develop extensive expertise on the platform and related technologies. This expertise results in rapid and effective solutions. Astrea encourages all its associates to become Salesforce certified and has practises in place that inculcate continuous learning on the platform. Astrea is committed to its customers success whether the customer is a small non-profit or a Fortune-500 organization. Astrea focuses on customers key objectives and works towards ensuring they get met.

Astrea IT Service has extensive expertise in

  •  Design of Salesforce Objects and relationships
  •  Development of custom user interface using VisualForce
  •  Development of business Logic on Force.com platform using Apex
  •  Development of reports using custom reports
  •  Data Migration of Salesforce data and integration with other technologies
  •  Testing of Force.com applications