Syncing Salesforce with Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a market leading web-based event management system designed to make ticketing system and registration easier for any type of Event for Individuals, Organizations, or Businesses. Virtually anyone else can use the platform like any Cloud based CRM applications users etc, for e.g Salesforce, Zoho etc. It also facilitates to publish the tickets across Facebook, Twitter and other social-networking tools directly from their site's interface.

If your business uses Salesforce to manage CRM data and Eventbrite for Event Registration and Ticket generation, then you’ll certainly need a Solution to integrate Eventbrite with your Salesforce CRM in order to maintain a “Single Repository” of all Meetups/Events of Eventbrite in Salesforce Instance.

Eventbrite-Salesforce Integration is also a usable option of Syncing Salesforce Campaigns with Eventbrite Events. So this integration solution is useful for Campaign Management in Salesforce Instance.

Astrea has recently implemented a successful integration solution with Salesforce & Eventbrite and Astrea’s Integration Solution facilitates the following features:
  • It's a Lightning ready solution that supports bi-directional sync between Eventbrite Objects- Event, Order, Attendee to Salesforce Campaign, Opportunity, Contact sObjects.
  • Against every attendee’s registration, our solution creates an Opportunity record using the Attendee data as Contact and Event as Campaign.
  • Our Eventbrite-Salesforce Integration Solution provide a form to create Eventbrite Event from Salesforce with facility to create create Online/Offline Events.
  • To make Event live on Eventbrite it is necessary to create a ticket for that particular Event and after that Publish that Event. This facility is also provided on the form.
  • Eventbrite-Salesforce Integration Solution also provide tab ‘Get All Events’ with Quick Search and Pagination Facility which shows all the list of events and their respective attendees.
  • Salesforce Users can also see attendees of respective events in PDF format and can also email that PDF to the organizer of that Event.
  • Salesforce Users can schedule the batch Jobs to get all the data from Eventbrite to Salesforce. Also there is a provision to immediate run the batch with a click of Button.
  • With the help of Salesforce, Business Houses can make better use of Eventbrite data:-
    • Can create “Reports and Dashboards” on Eventbrite Data.
    • Quick Search Facility with Lightning UI to search on Events Repository.
    • Better Sales Tracking as it facilitates to connect Eventbrite Orders with Salesforce Opportunities.
    • Users can track and generate the PDF of upcoming events.
Some Snapshots of Data Exchange and Flow between Salesforce and Eventbrite
  • List of Event at Eventbrite end
  •  image

  • List of Event at Salesforce end.
  •  image

  • Event Object at Eventbrite Side
  •  image

  • Campaign Object Detail Page for ‘Astrea New Year Party’ Record in Salesforce
  •  image

  • Create Campaign Record at Salesforce side and Event at Eventbrite Side from Salesforce
  •  image