Embedding the Analytics Dashboard on Lightning Experience and Visualforce Pages

Hi all! Have you ever thought of embedding the Einstein Analytics Dashboard in every Salesforce Experience? I think maybe some of you would have. So, be happy because you can add the Analytics Dashboard in Salesforce. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to add Einstein Analytics Dashboard on Lightning Page or Visualforce Page.

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Appending & Merging Datasets in Einstein Analytics

In this blog where we are going to share some useful features of Einstein Analytics. Today, we are going to discuss how to append and merge multiple datasets into one dataset in Einstein Analytics.

Dataflow editor will be used in order to achieve this. We will create a new data flow and will use the newly created data flow for merging the Datasets

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Single Sign-On Implementation in Salesforce

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a session and user authentication service which allows a user to log in and access several connected systems with a single set of credentials. This eliminates the need to login in different systems separately in a single session, and saves time of the user. In the backend, we can also log user activities and manage user accounts. This also leads to increased security.

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Case Study - Listener for Outbound Message in Salesforce


Client is a subsidy organisation of IBM. It is headquartered in USA with a strength of 200+ employees.

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Lightning and JavaScript Buttons

Lightning - a collection of technologies for the Salesforce platform, consisting of Lightning experience (new UI for Salesforce), Lightning Design System (CSS Framework that facilitates users to easily style the apps) and Lightning Framework (A Javascript framework that enables users to create single page applications and Lightning Components), has been in vogue for quite some time now.

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Salesforce - Tooling API

Tooling API

Tooling API exposes metadata information of Org, we can access Metadata information using REST or SOAP. Tooling API retrieve the small piece of metadata, we can use this to develop an interactive application or tools for developers. This can be used to fetch the metadata such as Apex classes, Apex triggers, custom objects, custom fields, Visualforce Pages, Users, Apex Component etc.

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Lightning Experience Configuration Converter

The Lightning experience configuration converter helps in converting the Salesforce org Javascript buttons to Lightning components, quick actions or other solutions. With just few clicks, this tool scans all the Javascript buttons and then converts them to simple components that are easy to use and then deploys everything to the org.

This tool can currently be used to convert few Javascript buttons and not all. This tool converts the javascript buttons as components, actions or other custom buttons based upon the functionality of the original button. Javascript buttons are defined to have multiple degrees of complexity. For now, the tool supports simpler “url-hack” implementations.

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Real Time “ServiceNow - Salesforce” Sync through “Server-Side Scripting” at ServiceNow

ServiceNow, a software-as-a-service provider, provides technical management support and help desk functionality to IT operations. It also supports real time communication and resource sharing.

ServiceNow easily integrates with other tool via its REST API. There are many successful ServiceNow integration with external tools like Salesforce, etc. In Salesforce - ServiceNow integration a User can access and exchange information between both the systems.

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Review of Klipfolio Changelog 2018

Klipfolio is a cloud dashboard platform for building capable business dashboards for your group or your customers. It has a lot of option to connect your data for the visualization. It supports numerous APIs from a variety of different app providers.

Klipfolio support built-in formula editor so that you can transform, filter, combine data before visualizing it. You can view your Dashboards from your desktop, mobile, TV and tablets. Also you can share these visualizations with your teammates by granting access to them.

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Salesforce Lead Dashboard on Einstein's Analytics

Salesforce Einstein Analytics(Wave Analytics) is a new cloud based analytic tool which helps in creating powerful Reports and Dashboards from large amount of enterprise data. Also, Wave Analytics enables anyone to get immediate access to powerful data insights through its point-and-click visual interface of your org. Einstein Analytics allows you to bring in data from your Salesforce orgs, as well as from your external sources. A user could get instant visualizations that show how your business is doing.

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Facebook Dashboard on Salesforce Einstein Analytics

In current time Facebook has become an easy way to reach and connect with your Customers. Through Facebook’s app and services you can easily get in touch with right people and gather their attentions for the smooth functioning of your business. Facebook Page helps people to connect with your business and Facebook Ads help them to find your business. Facebook provides various metrics related with your Pages and Ads. These metrics contain very useful information. We have discussed these metrics in the description of the charts.

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An Overview of Einstein Analytics

Salesforce Einstein Analytics(Wave Analytics) is another cloud-based analytics tool that aides in making effective Chart and Dashboards utilizing your vast information. Einstein Analytics enables you to get information from your Salesforce orgs and in addition to your other External Sources. Data preparation tools given by the Einstein Analytics enable you to effectively control and clean your information. By building up the Dashboard from this information you can track your business.

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New URL Change in Lightning in Summer ’18 release

With the new release approaching the readiness for the same should be a priority in every Admin’s mind. With many new changes/additions one of the updates that can affect users in day to day life is the URL change in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Mobile. From the Summer 18 your URL format will change for standard apps, console apps, and the Salesforce mobile app. The change has been done for a good reason of enhancing security and to counter the issue of being directed to an unexpected location.

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Introduction to Einstein Discovery

Einstein Discovery is an alternative of sophisticated Data Models which provide AI powered analytics to discover relevant patterns based on data provided by various stakeholders. Einstein Discovery is used to find insights and understand patterns across millions of rows of data in almost no time. Using Einstein Discovery, we can understand what happened, why it happened and what to do next.

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Service Cloud Einstein plays vital role in improving services offered to customers by enterprises. Service Cloud Einstein helps to understand insights of customers problem by analyzing their emails, messages and posts on social media.

Service Cloud Einstein helps to:
  • Solve customer cases faster.
  • Categorize cases with more accuracy which reduces response time.
  • Increase response time of agents by recommending them solutions on a particular case by analyzing historical data related to that case.

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Automatic Email Classification Using Salesforce Einstein

Do you own a company that receives a lot of emails? Have you assigned employees for segregating emails into categories and then transferring these emails to the concerned section in your company? If so, then here’s a solution to your problem, which saves not only your investment in terms of money but in terms of time as well.

With the help of Salesforce Einstein you can create a system that automatically categorises all your emails and forwards it to the concerned section. You just need to provide the model with the data mapped to labels, that is, provide the emails that your company has received in the past along with their mapping to departments. This data can then be used to “train” Einstein. Once this model is trained on the data provided by you, you are good to go!

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Lead Assignment Through Salesforce Einstein

Are you still assigning Leads to owners manually? Have you been investing a lot of time analysing whom should I assign this Lead to? If so, here’s a solution to all such problems. With Salesforce Einstein all of this process can be made much simpler.

Einstein analyses the description of the Lead and accordingly assigns it to the owner. Once the owner is assigned through Einstein he/she can be notified through EMail using simple Apex code.

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Lightning Data Service in Salesforce

For Lightning components, Salesforce added a new Feature - Lightning Data Service (LDS) in its Winter ‘17 release. We can use LDS in our Lightning components to perform various CRUD operations like create, read, update or delete a record without the use of any Apex code. This automatically gives us enhanced performance and UI consistency.

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Quickbook Online Integration With Salesforce


We provide the services to integrate Quickbook online functionality with Salesforce CRM. We also prepared a Quickbook online app which provides bidirectional syncing between Quickbook online objects customer, invoice, products and payment with Salesforce objects account, invoice, product and payment.

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Google Analytics Dashboard on Einstein Analytics

Google Analytics provide a lot of useful data related to our website like users, sessions, new users, pageviews/session, session duration, channels through which users are coming, regions from where we are getting maximum hits and a lot more. By using this data we can know boost our business.

But how to convert this data into useful information? Yes you are right, by using Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

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Meteor is a Javascript framework written on top of Node JS. Meteor is basically used for hybrid application (web browser, Android, iOS) development. Meteor supports Full Stack web development. Meteor applications are mostly written using HTML, CSS, Javascript (ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, BlazeJS), jQuery etc. on client-side. For server side Javascript can be used as Meteor being written on top of Node JS, and Node JS supports Javascript on server side also.


Salesforce is a cloud based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Salesforce can also be used as database in Meteor based applications.

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“Meteor is to Node.js as Rails is to Ruby.”

Key to Meteor is hidden in its name only: speed. If you want to develop reactive hybrid application (for iOS, Android and Web Browser) on Node JS, in less duration of time, then Meteor or Meteor JS is perfect choice.

Meteor is a free open source MVC (Model View Controller) based Javascript Web Framework. Meteor is written on top of Node JS. Meteor is Isomorphic Development Ecosystem, i.e. same code can be used on both frontend and backend. Meteor application uses Javascript on both frontend and backend that’s the reason behind Meteor being referred asFull Stack Javascript Framework.Meteor was developed by Meteor Development Group on January, 2012. Latest stable release of Meteor is 1.6, released on November, 2017. Figure below depicts overview of Meteor platform.

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Salesforce Opportunity Dashboard on Einstein's Analytics

Salesforce Einstein Analytics(Wave Analytics) is a new cloud based analytic tool that will help you to create powerful reports and dashboards from your large amount of enterprise data. Also Wave Analytics enables anyone to get immediate access to powerful data insights through its point-and-click visual interface of your org. A user could get instant visualizations that show how your business is doing.

We have made some advanced charts in Einstein's Analytics on Salesforce Standard Objects- Opportunity, Account and Case.

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Artificial Intelligence is concept of allowing machines, softwares to mimic humans in task of learning, analysing, understanding, decision making etc. AI is powered by large amounts of data. AI has been around for decades but became popular recently. The main reason for this change is increase in amount of data and availability of cheap and efficient hardwares.

Today the world is generating digital data at a such rapid rate that 90% of data in the world has been generated in last two years and it is predicted that during next eight years, the amount of digital data produced will be 40 zettabytes which is the equivalent of 5,200 GB of data for every man, woman and child on Earth. The type of data created is expanding across almost every industry such as Healthcare, Telecom, electronics, manufacturing, entertainment etc.

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Raiser Edge is software that is used by Nonprofits to raise funds and to do online marketing. It is helpful for non-profit organization of different scales to operate their office and generate funds. It helps in managing online donation, registration, email communications and targeted fundraising campaigns – to acquire, engage and cultivate donors.

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Custom Password Change Page For Community Users

Salesforce communities come with an inbuilt password change functionality. However, we can override this functionality to implement a custom password change page for users to provide them with a more personalized outlook. For this, we can either customize the default password template in Visualforce or create new password change pages to use in place of the default page.

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Domain Branding in Salesforce

While working with Domain Branding the main challenge is Security. It become crucial when it comes to authentication and confidential data. For security Salesforce have it’s own security mechanism. Salesforce use secured protocol (HTTPS) for the authentication of users. and provides them access of data and service based on their permissions. We are highlighting the details for domain branding in Salesforce.

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Smart Barcode

Smart Barcode is Lightning ready Salesforce Application. This app is used to generate the Barcode and convert any Text to the Barcode. User can use this app for any field in any Standard and Custom Objects.
Smart Barcode can be used, lets take an example of organizations where Salesforce is used to track hardware and print inventory items as barcodes. This will allow them greater ease of processing hardware and also the remote agents could use it to scan barcodes of remote hardware to confirm receipt.

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Campaign Member Cloning

We often receive requests from customer that requires creating identical contacts or leads to support their business campaign. As there is no standard feature to clone campaign members in lightning design, it becomes a monotonous task to create same contacts/leads number of times and users used to the Salesforce finds it hard to do as it comes as a standard feature in native Salesforce. The component Astrea has developed, identifies this and solve the problem by providing the cloning functionality.

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View two - level child hierarchy for any Account, Contact and Custom Object

Object Hierarchy is a free Salesforce native app on AppExchange. It graphically displays two level child hierarchy related to a particular record. If used within an account record, it will display all child contacts, accounts, Opp etc. of the related account and also the children of the child object.

The App displays two level child hierarchy related to a particular record in Salesforce Org where user can Expand and Collapse the Hierarchy as per their requirement.

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KayakoConnect: Integrate Kayako to Salesforce 2-way

KayakoConnect is a free Salesforce app available on appexchange KayakoConnect. This app connects Kayako with Salesforce and Salesforce with Kayako i.e. two-way connection is established through this app. It supports point and click graphical UI which is simple and easy to use.

The app provides bi-directional sync functionality hence a wide variety of features are available for connecting Salesforce to Freshdesk and vice-versa.

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Check the health of your Salesforce Instance with Astrea’s Org Scanner

Have you ever faced the challenges of having your Org populated with unwanted and sometimes harmful data, despite having a number of rules and strict Governance Policies your Org captures unwanted data. Have you ever thought of having an automated tool that checks the health of your Org, i.e. that checks the data and instance it contains. Well considering these regular unwanted situation for a Salesforce User Astrea has combined a set of rules to form an App that checks Code Quality, Metadata and Other Metrics.

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Visualise Live Dashboards in Salesforce Instance

We had a requirement from one of our client, they want us to show the Live Dashboards/Reports on Salesforce Objects in Salesforce using Standard functionality. We suggested a workaround using Klipfolio as Salesforce Dashboards are not live and reports used in these charts are scheduled to refresh after a certain interval of time. The minimum interval for reports refresh in Salesforce is once in a day.

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Field Service Management Using Salesforce

Field Service Mobile Apps most commonly refers to companies who need to manage installation, service or repairs of systems or equipment. It can also refer to software and cloud-based platforms that helps in field service management. Its is basically an online system that helps organizations deliver efficient services onsite by tracking requests or activities.

An outstanding field service app is the one which plays an important role in customer satisfaction. If the complaints and requests are figured out and solved on time, the customers are always content with the app.

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Campaign Member Helper

The Campaign Member Helper is a Lightning component that allows users to search for leads/contacts and add them to a campaign as campaign members. The component also supports deletion of campaign members.

The key features of the components are:

  • Replicating the functionality of adding campaign member through search using a s imple button click.

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ServiceNow QuickConnect

ServiceNow is a popular on-demand, cloud-based IT service management platform. It facilitates in managing Help Desk, Service Management processes, IT Operation Management, Security Operations, etc.

ServiceNow provides REST API to connect the ServiceNow instance with other external systems.

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Split the Opportunity in lightning with Astrea Opportunity Split Component

Have you ever had a need of splitting opportunity among your team members, like if there are a large number of tasks and you have to assign them to different people. Have you thought of doing this in lightning. Well you can do this easily with Astrea’s new Component Opportunity Split.

Opportunity Split is a Lightning component which splits the amount of any Opportunity among its team members. It mimics the standard Opportunity functionality of Salesforce Classic.

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Smart News: News for Salesforce users

This free Salesforce lightning component displays News Headline from various news sources like Fortune, CNN, BBC, Business Insider, Google News, BBC Sport, Bloomberg, New York Magazine, Reddit, The New York times, The Verge etc.

SmartNews provides news headlines from multiple channels, you can also read full articles, by clicking on the article title. This will take the user to the News source site.

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Clone records with Related list in button click only using Astrea Clone

Astrea Clone is a Salesforce App that helps organizations to clone a record of an object. The users can mention values for the fields that need to be in cloned records. Astrea Clone has many features which can help minimize the work in cloning object records. Astrea Clone supports all standard and custom objects and allow users to clone a single as well as bulk records in a button click.

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Clone bulk records with its child records by Hydra

Hydra is a lightning component which helps in creating multiple copies of any record of any object along with its related lists. The user can mention the number of clones to create and can clone any number of object records in short period of time. The user can also make changes to the values while cloning which will get reflected in the newly created records.

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View All Activities

View All Activities is a Salesforce native lightning component. The component is used to display all the activities (Events and Tasks) related to a given record of a particular object. It has simple point and click graphical user interface easy to use.

You can download the app from Appexchange View All Activity.

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Know everything about Cases of your Org with Astrea Case Dashboard

Have you ever thought of obtaining reusable charts directly after installation of App from Appexchange. Have you ever been able to look comprehensively into organisation, team, and individual performance for Services and Support team. Have you thought of an App which can add the charts to the detail page of Account, Lead, Opportunity, Case, etc. Well thinking about this situation Astrea has developed an App which automates this situation by automatically creating charts from reports individually or in bulk.

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FINANCIAL FORCE: Key Accounting objects

FinancialForce.com delivers ERP at Customer Speed. The FinancialForce covers business operations on the core document types such as Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices, Credit Notes, and Journals. These operations permit the creation, editing, posting and other document­ specific business functions such as Invoice Schedules.

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Pardot is a marketing automation tool. It helps an organization to automate the entire sales and marketing process. It helps in managing the projects and reports at one location. Also it keeps track of all the leads and prospects across the organization. Pardot is completely customizable so that user can personalize it to fit their requirements.

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Transitioning from Desk.com to Service Cloud

Desk.com is a SaaS (Software as a Service) help desk and customer support product which is accessible on the cloud. Before 2014, it was known as Assistly and then was acquired by Salesforce. It was rebranded by Salesforce as a “slick social customer support software”.

Desk.com differentiates itself from Salesforce's other service platform in that Desk.com specifically targets small businesses with its features and functions.

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Building a Custom Salesforce Datasource using the Simple SOQL Query Mode In Klipfolio

We were working on developing Klipfolio Charts using Salesforce Data. Klipfolio has Standard Salesforce Connector to connect with Salesforce which we were using. Klipfolio has recently launched a new feature under this Salesforce Standard Connector i.e. Simple SOQL Query Mode. Earlier either we had 2 options Importing Salesforce Report or SOQL Queries to get Salesforce data in Klipfolio. But now this new release under this connector provides an easy to use interface for building Salesforce dashboards. Now user can simply select Objects and Fields from Drop-down and Search Bar.

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Loading Hubspot Data to Einstein Analytics: Wave Analytics Custom Connector

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Cloud is a powerful BI Platform which is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Salesforce recently revealed this platform for its CRM Customers. This platform has opened path to several amazing features for CRM users, enabling them to use advanced reporting with predictive intelligence instead of legacy based old analytics. The data may be inside SFDC or may reside in the other external system. You can explore your data to discover new, unexpected insights for your business. Based on the latest data you can create dashboards to continually monitor key business metrics and you can also know how your business is going on by getting instant Visualization.

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Salesforce CPQ

What is CPQ ?
CPQ systems are in demand in the market, especially for the companies using Salesforce. Well, that is all for a good reason as they are indeed a very useful tool to boost the sales of any company with fast, efficient and accurate sales documentation. The results that customers have experienced with CPQ implementations represents a really big impact that this adoption can bring and it is mentioned in the sections below how it can be be useful to you.

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Astrea CaseMerge Lightning Component

Astrea CaseMerge is a free Salesforce Lightning Component which merges duplicate Cases according to the dynamically selected multi-criteria. This component merges the duplicate child Cases to the master/parent Case along with their associated Emails, Attachments and Comments. To download this component go to this link.

Salesforce does not provide any standard functionality to check and manage duplicate Cases. There was no standard way to merge duplicate child Cases and their associated lists into the parent Case having same Email threads coming from same customer.

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Syncing Salesforce with Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a market leading web-based event management system designed to make ticketing system and registration easier for any type of Event for Individuals, Organizations, or Businesses. Virtually anyone else can use the platform like any Cloud based CRM applications users etc, for e.g Salesforce, Zoho etc. It also facilitates to publish the tickets across Facebook, Twitter and other social-networking tools directly from their site's interface.

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Loading Shopify Data to Einstein Analytics: Wave Analytics Custom Connector

Wave Analytics (Now Called - Einstein Analytics) is a game changer technology which brings Business Intelligence to the organisations with greater insights of decision making on Business data. Its a cloud-based platform for connecting data from multiple data sources, creating interactive dynamic views of that data, and sharing those views in certain apps.

Some of the great features of Einstein Analytics include - Facility of Instant Visualisation of Salesforce (Sales, Service, Marketing and Community Cloud Data) or External Data, Create Dashboards with Pre-built Templates (Widgets and Widget Wizards), Mashup of Multiple...

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Migration of projects from Telerik to PhoneGap

On November 10, 2017, Progress announced plans to discontinue Telerik Platform. They will continue to support Telerik Platform until May 10, 2018. Telerik has provided this six month transition period to customers so that they can shift their work from Telerik platform to some other platform.

In this blog, we will discuss migrating hybrid apps developed on Telerik platform to PhoneGap build.

Reasons for selecting PhoneGap Build
  • Doesn’t require Mac to build iOS application.
  • Cloud based so no need to setup PC to get started.
  • PhoneGap has large community

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Credential Status Report Tool

Stay up to date on Salesforce Certification maintenance requirements by this new tool - Credential Status Report Tool

Salesforce has now created a new tool that allows tracking of one’s certifications and maintenance requirements. It has now made easier to know what next steps are to be taken and when maintenance requirements are due.

This tool is very simple and easy to use. The tool can be downloaded easily from the Website http://certification.salesforce.com/credential-status-request.

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Manage your Phone Records with RingsTrue

Sales is an indispensable part of any business and Sales Reps spent a long time lining up all the leads that they want to call. They open every record to makes calls to the leads with the Phone number in the system. So, the phone number is the key to breakthrough a deal at all times. But this Phone Number may not always be the right one and we can imagine that the scenario may occur that more than 50% of the number are not verified and the rep will either get some message from operator or it will not connect.

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Fetch API data in Salesforce Professional Edition

Salesforce Professional Edition does not support Apex language directly, So it became difficult to consume any API or external JSON / XML data into Salesforce. This article will focus on the automation for consuming the data into Salesforce from external sources.

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Migrate Conga Templates from one Salesforce instance to another

Conga Composer is a popular and powerful tool for document automation. It save time to create templates for proposals, quotes in many different formats. It works great when you are creating or merging the merging the reports or data into any template. We can create Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML email & PDF documents in Conga composer.

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TrailheaDX- Salesforce Developer Conference

A must attend event next year for Salesforce developer and admins is about to take place. In year 2016, Salesforce tried something new - they launched a developer-centric conference in June that is more focused and more targeted to developers and admins: TrailheaDX. This is for the continuous third year for TDX. It's like a mini Dreamforce with sessions, keynotes but all content is targeted towards developers and admins. TrailheaDX 2018 will be taking place on March 28th and 29th, 2017 at San Francisco, CA.

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Salesforce Economy making the Big impact

Our experience with Salesforce economy certainly makes us feel very confident that the future is in Salesforce and the new specialized areas of IoT, AI and analytics boost this to another level.
There is a recent IDC study on the Salesforce Economy and it clearly shows that Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners and customers will create 3.3 million jobs and $859 billion in new business revenues worldwide by 2022. for every dollar earned by Salesforce, the ecosystem will gain $5.20. We are amused to see this increase from last year, and the way things are moving within the Salesforce Economy.

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Getting Ready for Dreamforce’17

Dreamforce is Salesforce annual event where Salesforce customers, partners and employees participate to share knowledge and discuss upcoming features. Dreamforce is one of the most important and popular technology shows. It hosts more than 100,000 attendees from all across the globe every year. Dreamforce this year is being held from November 6th to 9th, 2017 at San Francisco, CA.

People planning to attend Dreamforce usually start preparing for it months before the event. Which sessions to attend, which keynotes should be kept on top priority, planning business meetings and so on are on the picklist of the people attending Dreamforce.

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Salesforce Omni-Channel Overview

Omnichannel—a new buzzword in business world—means to seamlessly deliver customer services/support on multiple channels. Omni-Channel is a Salesforce feature which comes under the “Service Cloud Module” released as a Beta in Summer ‘15 and was then improved in Summer and Winter ‘16 release. Salesforce continues to improve the Omni-Channel functionality with each release. Omni-Channel is an important part of Customer Service Solution that facilitate a Call Center to route any type of incoming work item including Cases, Chats, or Leads—to the most qualified, available agents in the Call Center. Omni-Channel integrates seamlessly into the Salesforce Sales Or Service console.

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Why Does Your Business Need an App

The world today has moved from the computer age to a mobile driven one, where a major part of the population owns a smartphone. Businesses also seek to take advantage of this shift, to provide a better overall consumer experience. If you are a business and are thinking of getting an app for your company, here are a few reasons as to why an app might be the best option for you.

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Technology Automation For Construction Industry

As one of the most rapidly changing and evolving industry, matching with the new technology can be a tricky choice for some. The construction industry has clearly a different picture and position when it comes to technology. The development and advancement in the industry needs no proof and to match or add another value to make a company more favourable and professional new technologies and tools are coming in the market.

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What's New at Dreamforce 2017

For the Salesforce Ohana Dreamforce has always been an event to look forward to and get inspired. Dreamforce is the annual Salesforce conference for Salesforce customers, partners and employees. This year the event is scheduled for November 6th to 9th. Salesforce every year has “Road to Dreamforce” episodes which help visitors prepare for Dreamforce. This article is based on the first Road to Dreamforce event (July 11, 2017) by Salesforce. It includes interesting updates about Dreamforce 2017 for newbies as well as veterans.

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Tips to improve Performance of Klips in Klipfolio Dashboards

When a Klip is populating large amount of data in an unorganized manner there may be a chance the performance of the dashboard may decrease. Sometimes it is harder to tune performance issues after the Klip development. So there are some important considerations which we can follow while doing the Klip/Dashboard development. These considerations will help in building optimised Dashboards/Klips.

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Date Picker Implementation in Klipfolio Dashboards

Date Picker is an effective custom functionality that user can implement in any Klipfolio dashboards (For e.g Facebook Dashboards, Hubspot CRM Dashboards, and Google Spreadsheet etc) to populate the data for the particular date range. It can be implemented at Dashboard Level or at Klip Level.

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Stripe API Integration with Salesforce

We are working on a Loyalty Program to provide it as a SaaS. To provide it as a SaaS one of the challenges in front of us was the automation of payment from Customers. In order to facilitate quick, easy and effective payment system we decided to do integration between Stripe API and Salesforce.

Stripe is a US technology company, operating in over 25 countries, that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. Stripe focuses on providing the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate on-line payment systems.

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Astrea Barcode Component for Salesforce

Barcodes are a cost-effective and reliable method to improve efficiency and reduce overheads in any Commercial Activity. They can be used to automate the data capture and its identifications. This could include pricing or inventory information or Quote or Invoice Slip etc. Barcodes make it possible to track each and every commercial activity precisely For e.g inventory levels can be identified/reduced, products specifications can be identified through scanner, location of products can be tracked, Invoice details can be identified etc.

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Shorten the Salesforce record URL with Astrea URL Shortener

Do you ever feel the urge to send emails from Salesforce with link to a record, like for the reminding of the open case to an Agent or notifications to users or partners. Have you ever thought of using a short URL than a two lines long link for your Salesforce Records. Well if both the situation has an affirmative then you might have also looked for a service that might shorten the URL for you.

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Attachment Converter Application

Salesforce has announced that in Winter 18 release the ‘Notes and attachments’ related list will no longer have a upload attachment button and users will be required to follow salesforce files after this. Through this salesforce gives a good option as Salesforce file gives user more capability to share, preview and revise their uploaded files.

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FreshBooks Classic Integration With Salesforce

FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software service designed for small businesses and service providers that send invoices to clients and get paid for their time and expertise. It tracks time, create invoices, track expenses, provide reports, design estimates, send follow up emails, and allow the team members and clients to log in into the account.

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Remember your Tasks easily with My Activities

Lightning in Salesforce provides a new zeal of working on the platform and also a very engaging UI experience. From an Admin view, there are lot of things scheduled but can be sometimes missed, specially the meeting or calls scheduled for the day. The classic experience task and events reminder were missing in the Lightning and were very much required for any users to manage the work effectively.

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Lightning Components of Astrea

Lightning Components are simply the individual parts that make up a Lightning App page. Components are configurable, can be placed using drag-and-drop, and user friendly. They are also native components, customizable, and designed in accordance with the new Lightning Experience. Lightning Components can allow the Salesforce admin to efficiently create a personalized user experience and provide the business with the right content to get results.

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WebMerge - Salesforce Integration

WebMerge is an online platform that allows you to easily collect data, populate a document and send it to any contact automatically. It provide you with flexible document types, dynamic content, and delivery options that fit to your business needs.

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Freshbooks EasyConnect for Salesforce

Freshbooks EasyConnect is a Salesforce lightning ready native Application build. It is used to connect Salesforce with Freshbook and vice-versa. It supports Point and Click graphical user interface which is simple and easy to use.

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Salesforce Certification

People who are relatively new to Salesforce have the urge to get certified in order to grow their experience over the Salesforce platform. There are hundreds of resources available on web that can be used to prepare for the certifications. We will discuss about some basic resources for Salesforce Certification in this article.

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Amanda is a tool for Salesforce Administrators that searches for a field across all the classes, pages, workflows and other apex components. It also presents the whole data in a tabular form along with a chart depicting pictorially the references of the chosen entity.

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Changes in Notes and Attachments in Spring ’17

Salesforce has always evolved new changes to enhance customer experience. From Summer ’17, users will not be able to use the Notes & Attachments related list to attach files to records. They will be required to use the Files related list instead.

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Reports and Dashboards in Lightning Experience

The Lightning Experience is a totally different and new user interface designed to provide people a more user friendly experience of working on salesforce effectively. The lightning Experience almost has all the features present in the salesforce. In fact it also combines the new features and intensifies them all to give a better experience.

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Salesforce Lightning Branding

Salesforce uses the Lightning term as branding for a set of different products and concepts. At times there is confusion in Salesforce Community about these concepts. In this article we give a quick overview of these terms.

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New Features in Klipfolio - 2016

As you know Klipfolio has evolved over time, making the experience of building a marketing dashboard easier, smarter and faster. Some new features were added to Klipfolio with every evolving stage having new look and feel.

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Handling custom Javascript buttons in Lightning

Sending mails to user on the click of a button from the detail page of a record, Creating a button that opens a popup dialog with a welcome message containing the user's first name, or creating a link that displays a country-specific Google map. We have been performing many such complex tasks in Salesforce Classic for years using custom Javascript buttons.

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Astrea Diwali Celebration 2016

Diwali is a time to celebrate and spread happiness. Astrea celebrated Diwali this year on 24th October, 2016. All the employees actively participated in the event with great enthusiasm. It was a two day event.

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Keynotes at Dreamforce 2016

Dreamforce is Salesforce annual event where Salesforce customers, partners and employees participate to share knowledge and discuss upcoming features. Dreamforce is one of the most important and popular technology shows. It hosts more than 100,000 attendees from all across the globe every year. Dreamforce this year was held from October 4th to 7th, 2016.If you were caught up with other sessions and have missed out some of the important keynotes at Dreamforce 2016, here is a list of the keynotes and their recordings for 2016 Dreamforce.

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Getting starting with Geocodes in Salesforce

In Summer 16 release Salesforce has provided additional support for mapping addresses to latitude and longitude and comparing distance between addresses. In this article we look at a simple implementation of a use case involving Geocode that demonstrates how powerful and easy to use the Geocode feature of Salesforce is.

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Sending Echosign Agreements in Salesforce

Adobe Echosign is one of the top most and popular electronic signature paid application on AppExchange. It gets the contracts for an organisation e-Signed instantly by performing simple point and click actions. It is available via Salesforce.com’s AppExchange and can be easily integrated into the business systems you are using today like Salesforce. Through this app, one can easily customize and merge Salesforce data into documents also known as templates. The signed documents gets automatically stored in Salesforce. One can hence track the signed documents or the documents that are out for signature very easily.

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Getting started with Salesforce Lightning Design System

The Lightning Design System is a design framework for building enterprise apps that gives you look and feel similar to Salesforce Lightning Experience. It’s clear, consistent, modern, flexible, more efficient and very easy to use as salesforce has done all the hard work making the whole experience beautiful, thus setting a new standard. The Design System makes it easy for you to build applications that comply with the new Salesforce Lightning look and feel.

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Schedule Data Import in Salesforce Using Demand Tool

The market for data quality tools is becoming more profound and competitive these days. There are many tools available for bulk import and export of Salesforce data. Demand tool is one of the prominent data quality and Data clarifying toolset that can be used by Salesforce users for cleaning, importing, exporting and deduplicating bulk data. Its Interface makes import and export of data very easy and hence makes it popular among users.

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Salesforce University 2016: Destination success

Salesforce University 2016 promises to be an exciting event for everyone in the Salesforce landscape. You can enhance your expertise as an Admin or Developer or a Marketeer, and also get Salesforce certified by giving certification exams. The aim of the conference is to provide comprehensive training on different Salesforce modules.

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Introducing Work Orders

With an auspicious start of the new year, Salesforce has introduced a lot of new features with Spring ‘16. Along with the new features for Lightning Experience, Analytics, Service Cloud, etc. Salesforce has also introduced Work Orders that extends support for team service, to have better understanding which will help in taking adequate decisions.

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AppExchange turns 10

The business app store as most of us are familiar with, is a place from Salesforce where the third party applications can be downloaded to enhance the Salesforce experience. AppExchange features thousands of enterprise and small business applications for all types of industries and users and can be accessed from here.

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IFSC India is live on Google Play

IFSC INDIA helps you find the IFSC code, Location and ATMs of banks in India. IFSC codes play a vital role for performing net banking transactions and electronic shopping transactions at e-commerce sites. With IFSC INDIA, you can find the IFSC Code of any Indian bank with ease.

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Tax Calc is live on Google Play

TAX CALC is an application that helps you to calculate your taxes on the basis of your various income and deductions. It also provides some recommendation that helps you to save your taxes.

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PIGEON: Sync Salesforce and phone contacts

Pigeon is an application that enables users to synchronize their contacts between Phone and Salesforce. It supports two-way synchronization of contacts between Salesforce and phone. The user can select which contacts to upload before synchronising. The Pigeon app is useful in exporting contacts from Salesforce to your phone contact

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ChatRules: Automatically follow Chatter records

Chatrules helps users to follow and unfollow Chatter records on the basis of rules created by users. By defining simple rules Salesforce administrator can ensure that users will follow or unfollow Chatter records. The key features of Chatrules are:

    • Create rules for following or unfollowing the records
    • Preview the records before following and unfollowing the records
    • View dashboards for top 5 records followed by the users

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File Helper - Effectively Manage Chatter Files And Attachments

File helper is a tool which helps user to effectively manage their Chatter files and attachments. It can be used by Salesforce administrators to manage space utilization of Salesforce files and attachments. The Admin can use the app to find out which attachments are taking the most space and then work with the user to reduce space. User can monitor all released versions of a Chatter file and attachments with detailed information like release date, space occupied, number of likes etc.

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Dolly Cloning Application

Dolly is a cloning application for Salesforce administrators. This app is useful in cloning Salesforce objects and its fields. This supports point and click graphical user interface which is very simple to use.Dolly is a free app. It is available for download from AppExchange at.

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Dreamforce Session Videos

Dreamforce this year was held from September 15th to 18th, 2015. It was an event to remember especially for the launch of Salesforce Lightning and for energizing sessions. Astrea presented in three sessions at Dreamforce 2015. Naveen Gabrani, CEO, Astrea IT Services, was the speaker along with other speakers for these sessions.

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Astrea At Dreamforce 2015

Dreamforce is Salesforce annual event where Salesforce Customers, Partners, Developers participate to share knowledge, upcoming features. Dreamforce is one of the most important and popular technology shows. It hosts more than 100,000 attendees from all across the globe every year.

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Smart Calendar - Schedule Management App

Salesforce users all over the globe have a number of tasks and meetings to attend to each and every day. Sometimes the burden of meetings reaches an extent where a person tends to forget about a meeting that was scheduled maybe 10 days before it actually happens. This is bound to happen with the kind of hectic schedules and fast lives that people are leading nowadays. Getting a reminder before or on the day of each meeting would definitely be helpful for such people. To make this possible

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Print It - A new way of printing contact directories

Many Salesforce users are unable to get a printed copy of their contact lists which contains either all contacts or some specific ones. This proves to be a major setback for many users across various industries. But not anymore, Astrea IT services has come up with a brilliant app called ‘Print It’ that solves the issue mentioned above in a highly efficient manner

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Astrea Attains Salesforce PDO Status

Product development Organization (PDO’s) are Salesforce consulting partners that have the unique distinction of successfully designing, developing and launching commercial apps for Salesforce AppExchange.

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Tips for Dreamforce - A complete guide to your Dreamforce Journey

This article contains links to a number of valuable tips on Dreamforce that have been posted by some of the top players in the cloud industry. Most of these tips were initially meant for visitors of Dreamforce 2014 but even so they are still relevant for those visiting this year.

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AppExchange: A small app downloaded, a big step for industry

AppExchange has reached the mark of three million downloads. Many more milestones like this are on the way. AppExchange success is success not just for Salesforce, but also for Salesforce customers and partners. As a partner, AppExchange has been a constant support and provided a platform to grow, for us here at Astrea.

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Convert a Lead with Salesforce1

Salesforce1 is a new mobile application provided by Salesforce. The Salesforce1 platform accelerates the development and deployment of apps. Salesforce1 can be accessed by appending /one/one.app in base URL of you Salesforce org. It is 100% cloud platform.

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Salesforce Integration with BMC Remedy System

The BMC Remedy ITSM (IT Service Management Suite) is provided with a number of OOB (Out of the Box) web services that can be used to create, query and modify requests. The most common integration is with the Incident Module. Commonly, integrations to these web services are from third party applications that can consume these web services and perform actions such as to create, query and modify requests. Interfaces can be written in a number of languages, such as Salesforce, Java, ASP, C, .NET, etc. to interact with these web services.

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Dropbox-Klipfolio Integration Using Java

Recently we did an Integration of Dropbox and Klipfolio using Java. The goal of this integration is to show the metadata information of files and folders from Dropbox account to the Klipfolio-Dashboard with the help of Dropbox Core API. Klipfolio is an online dashboard platform for building real-time business dashboards that contains KPI, Reports using Charts etc.

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Migrating Records from Oracle Database to Salesforce using Talend Open Source Data Integration ETL Tool

Many times there is requirement in which we have to migrate data from oracle database to our salesforce org. This requirement can be achieved using Talend ETL Data Integration tool. This open source tool can be downloaded from http://www.talend.com/download.

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Customizing People tab in Community

In the standard people tab under the community, we can search the users but we cannot add additional fields to the search criteria or add more fields to search results. So we cannot identify the user if there are users with the same names until we click on the user link and check for the other fields like email, title etc and again back to the tab. This does not create a good user experience. Also the standard tab does not allow users to search for fields other than name...

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Visualforce Remote Objects

Salesforce launched Visualforce Remote Objects with Spring’14 release.Visualforce remote objects are proxy objects that you can use to perform DML operations on Saleforce objects and these do not counts towards API limits.

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Sending of Email to Idea creator on new comment being posted

This article explains how to send an email notification when someone commented on your Idea in Salesforce instance. This can be achieved through apex trigger. This trigger will work using standard Idea and IdeaComments objects.

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Fetching values of related records in parent record

There may be a scenario where we would want to capture certain field values of a child record to a parent record's related records in Zoho CRM. For example, there may be a scenario in which, we would like the capture the "Potential Type" of Potential record into its parent Account record's related Contact records.

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19 Tips to get set for Dreamforce 2013

Dreamforce 2013 is fast approaching. It is scheduled from Nov 18th to 21st this year in San Francisco, a couple of months later as compared to the last year's schedule.

Dreamforce team is expecting more than 100,000 attendees this year, making it one of the largest conferences of its kind anywhere in the world. The experience can be mindboggling for a first time attendees. Although the tips below are targeted towards newbies, some of them may be useful, even if you are a Dreamforce veteran.

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PHP and Salesforce Integration

We recently completed a project involving integrating Salesforce with PHP. The article describes that there is one external server which contains MySQL data base and Php scripts or Web services
PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. PHP is now installed on more than 244 million websites and 2.1 million web servers.

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Creating a record in Zoho CRM using Zoho Creator without saving the record in Creator.

Instead of creating a record in Zoho Creator view and then pushing it into Zoho CRM, there is another way of storing the record straight into Zoho CRM. We may create a stateless form which can act as a web form that is embedded in a website. This form data can be submitted to any service or used to update a record in another form/application, without persisting data in Zoho Creator. The Deluge Get URL and Post URL task can be used to get/post data to external websites or other Zoho Creator applications.

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LiquidPlanner – Salesforce Integration

LiquidPlanner is an online project management tool and claims to be the first Software as a Service (SaaS) project management solution with integrated features for Scheduling, Collaboration, Time Tracking, Analysis and Reporting. LiquidPlanner’s online project workspaces provide a flexible structure for project/portfolio grouping, drag-and-drop reorganization, custom project and task fields, filtering, project access controls and change history, and unlimited clients, projects, tasks, and events in each workspace.

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Geckoboard – Salesforce Integration

Geckoboard has an online development environment, Widget Editor that can be used for integration. Custom Widgets API is used to create custom charts and widgets for dashboards, visualizing the data on Geckoboard.

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Whats new in Chatter in Salesforce ’12 release

Since past few releases, Chatter has been one of the main thrust areas of Salesforce. The Spring ‘12 release continues that tradition. This article summarizes the main Chatter features in Spring ‘12 release.

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ERD at your doorstep – Schema Builder

Salesforce had introduced a Beta version of Schema Builder in Winter 2012. Although the feature remains in Beta, a few important features have now been added to Schema Builder. In Spring 2012 release Salesforce has introduced ability to create new objects and fields directly from Schema Builder, besides improving the user interface of the tool.

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Starting with Spring 12 Apex test cases will not have access to org data

A good practice that Salesforce recommends is that Apex test cases create their own test data. They should not assume that certain data is present in the Salesforce instance. However this was not enforced. As an example a developer could...

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System Overview – Quick glance of your Salesforce resource usage

In Spring 2012 release, Salesforce has introduced a new feature called System Overview. The primary function of this feature is to display your current Salesforce usage. Out of the maximum permissible resources that you are allowed to use, how much are you currently using? This is what System Overview displays.

The System Overview is available in your Setup area on the left hand top, just below Force.com Home. The information displayed in System Overview is shown in the following sections –

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Displaying the Week from a date using formulae

A common requirement when working with dates is to display the week number for the date. The formula below provided at Salesforce discussion forum works beautifully.

MOD(FLOOR( (Date__c -DATEVALUE(“2006-01-01″ ))/7),52)+1

Let us take couple of examples to illustrate how this works.

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Creating Hyperlinks in Visualforce

Visualforce provides a simple tag to create hyperlinks. This tag is called commandLink. The main advantage of using commandLink tag over the standard HTML <A href> is that commandLink allows us to use Apex methods and variables.

commandLink takes two attributes.

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Dynamic Queries

In a recent project, I had a requirement to run SOQL queries with dynamic object and field names. At the development time, the object name to be queried, field names to be displayed, and the even the number of fields to be queried was also not known. These were coming at runtime. My first attempt was creating a SOQL query something like

select :fieldname1,: fieldName2, :fieldName3 from :objectName

where objectName, fieldName1 etc were String  variables.

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