We provide expert professional services in the area of Cloud based CRMs and Business Intelligence. We are experienced on’s Platform, Zoho, Logi Analytics and Klipfolio. Our Teams of technical consultants are highly experienced on consulting services for solving business challenges related to the development on Cloud. We adopt best practices in offering our services to enterprises as per their business needs and our services are cost-efficient with no compromise on the quality side. We deeply understand the Customer’s requirements and always recommend a best solution to fit their business needs. Services Implementation: CRM is the leading, powerful, scalable and secure cloud based CRM. Astrea performs a full range of cost-efficient custom Salesforce development. We help small and medium sizes enterprises for CRM implementation. We have earned a good customer satisfaction score 9.4/10 on AppExchange for CRM Services with 4.9 out of 5 star client positive reviews. We have done so many successful implementations across the globe. We have served customers from USA, UK, Middle East, South Asia etc. Our development team is equipped with Salesforce Certifications.
We quickly deliver quality implementation like Customization, Custom Development, Integration, Admin Support, AppExchange Development and Migration without any risk to Customers.

    • Customization:
      We offer customization of all aspects in Apps, Tabs, Custom/Standard Objects, Fields, Formulas, Validation Rules, Page Layouts, Work Flows, Approval Process, Email Templates, Reports and Dashboards etc.

    • Custom Development:
      In Custom Development we are capable to build high end complex business processes with the help of Apex and Visual force pages. In addition to this we have the immense abilities to enhance the UI of the Application with the help of the various open source technologies like CSS, JavaScript and JQuery etc. We also offer development of functionally rich Portals and Sites using Sites. In Apex we also have the expertise in Batches (Schedule Jobs) and Triggers Development.

    • Integration:
      On Integration side we have the versatile experience on integrating third party systems/external data sources with the Salesforce. We have vast experience on consuming RESTful and SOAP based web services. Some of the third party systems/technologies that we have integrated with Salesforce are – LiquidPlanner, Geckoboard, Klipfolio, Chargify, Authorize.Net, BeanStream, PHP, Java, .Net, Oracle, WordPress, Remedy Systems, Logi Analytics, IOU Central API etc.

    • Admin & Support:
      On Admin side, we offer setting and managing of Roles, Profiles, Users, Email Administration, OWD, Sharing Rules and other various Security Settings etc.

    • Migration:
      We provide Data loading from Spreadsheets, Databases etc by using various Tools like Apex Data Loader, JitterBit, and Talend ETL Tool. This includes insert, update, upsert and bulk import / export of data from We are capable to support migration of data from legacy/old systems into corresponding functionality.

    • Deployments:
      We provide support for Deployments – Test Environments to Production Environments by using Change Sets, Eclipse Force IDE, Ant etc. We can handle deployment issues due to failing of Test Cases, Less Code Coverage’s and the impact of some other code running in parallel in the Orgs.

    • AppExchange Development:
      We offer development of High-end feature rich Applications on AppExchange. We provide support for packaging, publishing and managing applications on AppExchange for our Customers. We also help our customers on resolving issues on Security Reviews, Private and Public Listing etc. We have our own 8 Products listing on the AppExchange – Smart vCard, Smart Cal, Object Hierarchy, Astrea Clone, Print It, Chat Rules, Format Me and File Helper. We also built some application for our Customers that are listed on the AppExchange and are in the domain of Vendor Management, Hotel Automation, and Event Management.

Zoho CRM Services

Zoho is a web-based office suite that provides applications for various business purposes. This includes Customer Relationship Management (Zoho CRM), Custom Application Development (Zoho Creator), Accounting Software (Zoho Books), Reporting (Zoho Reports) and many more. We offer services in Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator as we did many projects in these.

Our Zoho services includes–

Zoho CRM – Workflows, Alerts, Zoho CRM API, Layouts, Email Templates, Assignment Rules, Fields, Website Integration and Links to Records etc.
Zoho Creator – Forms, Dynamic Reports using Views and Zoho CRM Data, Custom Actions on Records, Creating, Pushing & Updating Records to Zoho CRM, Sending Mails, and Filtering Views based on the Criteria etc.

Klipfolio Dashboard Services

We are the Klipfolio registered partner. Klipfolio is an online dashboard platform for building real-time business dashboards that contains KPIs, Reports using Charts etc. It’s a key player in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) dashboard space. It extends the reporting capabilities by providing the web reporting on many online data sources. It allows business users to connect to many data services API’s, automate data retrieval, and then manipulate and visualize the data just in no time.
We offer Data Source Setups by building API Queries on Standard Connectors available with the Klipfolio, Custom Script development using Java in case of non-availability of Standard Connector and Klips Development (Reports and Charts Developments).

Why choose Astrea for Klipfolio Development ?

    • Experience of more than 40 projects on Klipfolio.
    • We have integrate Klipfolio with so many Systems/APIs and have setup the dynamic data sources on that – Kayako, AWeber, iPayout, Authorize.Net, 1 Shopping Cart, ClickBank, Asana, Amazon S3, Amazon MWS, eWay, Office AutoPilot, Blue Hornet,, New Relic, Pingdom, Silent Passenger, MySQL,, Post Affiliate Pro, MindBody, AdWords, UltraCart, Infusionsoft, MaroPost, GetResponse, etc.
    • Developed complex Klips on Klipfolio.
    • Have the experience of all types of Data Sources – XML, CSV and JSON.
    • Used Klipfolio API for posting of Data on the Klipfolio Dashboard for “File Upload” Resource in case of non-availability of Standard Connector.
    • Also built Custom Application in Java for building dynamic API Query, Posting of Data and Schedule Management for Posting of Data on the Dashboard. This is done for Infusionsoft CRM.

Logi Analytics BI Services

Logi Analytics is a BI Platform which enables developers to create customized, web based dashboards, reports and analysis applications based on the Logi Analytics elemental approach. In Logi Analytics offerings we provide services for Report and Dashboard Development with support for Deployment on the Server. We have worked on versatile BI Segments like Projects, Financial and Risk BI. We have immense experience in the domain of Construction BI and Vendor Management. We also offers upgrade services for updating Logi Reports from Old Version to Latest Version.

Why choose Astrea for Logi Analytics BI Development ?

    • Our five developers got trained in “Logi 11 Info Studio” directly from the Logi Analytics for 30 hrs.
        • Three developers have experience of about one year on Logi platform.
    • Developed Complex Reports/Dashboards for Project, Financial and Risk BI Segments for the large construction company.
    • Have experience with databases of MS SQL Server and MYSQL.
    • Worked with both Apache Tomcat and IIS Server.
    • Experience on both Report and Dashboard Development. It includes – Charts, User Inputs, Calculated Columns, CSS Work, Sub Reports, Pop-ups, Drill Down, Drill Through and Cross Tab etc.
    • Experience on the Integration Side
        • Logi Analytics – Salesforce Integration
          1. Did complex Heat Map Application in Logi on Data
          2. Also done “Write Back” to Salesforce from Logi Analytics by the custom plugin development in using C Sharp.
        • Logi Analytics – Storm API Integration
          1. Storm API- Advanced GPS Fleet reporting Solution.
          2. Did reporting using both REST and SOAP based Data Layers.
        • Logi Analytics – Google Map API Integration
          1. Used Google Map for dynamically displaying “Project Locations” in Reports.