Leveraging Affiliations in Salesforce NPSP for Effective Nonprofit Management

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a robust platform designed to empower nonprofits in achieving their mission and efficiently managing their operations. A crucial aspect of NPSP is the ability to leverage affiliations, which allow nonprofits to organize, track, and utilize the relationships between individuals and organizations within their ecosystem. In this blog, we'll delve into how nonprofits can effectively leverage affiliations in NPSP for streamlined management and enhanced engagement.

Affiliations in Salesforce NPSP

Understanding Affiliations in Salesforce NPSP

Affiliations in NPSP represent the formal associations between individuals and organizations. These affiliations help categorize contacts based on their involvement, roles, and engagements with various entities such as donors, volunteers, staff members, or board members. By utilizing affiliations, nonprofits can better manage and strategize their interactions with stakeholders.

Steps to create Affiliations in NPSP

Step 1: Click the Contacts tab from the navigation bar, search for an existing contact, and select their contact record.

Step 2: On the contact record, click Related.

Step 3: In the Organization Affiliations list, click New.

Step 4: Fill out the New Affiliation screen.

Step 5: Optionally, select Primary if this is the contact's primary affiliation.

Step 6: Click Save.

Creating new Affiliation on contact

Figure 1: Creating new Affiliation on contact to affiliate an organization with contact.

You can see affiliations in several places, the most common being the Related tabs on a contact record and an organization account record.

Check newly created affiliations on contact

Figure 2: Check newly created affiliations on contact

Benefits of Leveraging Affiliations

1. Enhanced Engagement Strategies:

- Tailor engagement strategies for each affiliation group, ensuring personalized and meaningful interactions based on their roles and contributions.

2. Improved Fundraising Efforts:

- Optimize fundraising efforts by analyzing the giving patterns and preferences of different donor affiliations. Craft targeted campaigns for specific donor segments.

3. Strategic Volunteer Management:

- Streamline volunteer management by categorizing and tracking volunteers based on their affiliations. Assign appropriate roles and responsibilities accordingly.

4. Efficient Board Governance:

- Enhance board governance by tracking the affiliations of board members and their attendance, contributions, and engagement in organizational activities.


Leveraging affiliations in Salesforce NPSP is pivotal for nonprofits to effectively manage relationships, engagements, and contributions from various stakeholders. By implementing a well-structured affiliation strategy and utilizing NPSP's features, nonprofits can drive their mission forward and create a lasting positive impact within their communities.

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