AppExchange- Salesforce Marketplace

The marketplace that offers thousands of solutions and services which extends Salesforce is known as AppExchange. It is a Salesforce Marketplace that helps customers to discover solutions and services. AppExchange helps Salesforce Admin or Users to find tools and talent to unleash their company’s productivity. For Salesforce ISV vendors it is the primary marketing tool that helps in promoting their solutions. The listing states the solution, pricing, support and other details so that the customers can estimate if the offering is right for them or not. AppExchange classifies the listings into one or more business areas, like sales, marketing, or analytics. This helps users in searching for the solution for their business needs. One can create one listing per solution and having one listing helps to achieve a higher ranking, because the metrics that AppExchange uses to rank the applications and components aren’t diluted across multiple listings.

AppExchange Salesforce Marketplace

A Salesforce partner is the creator behind each AppExchange app. Creating and publishing extensions to Salesforce are done by the AppExchange partners. We will list how AppExchange works:

  • Create: A Salesforce partner can initiate the process by creating an innovation that can improve a Business Platform and Process, that includes a custom object, custom tab, or component. Partners do share their customizations with the other Salesforce Users as a packaged AppExchange solution, whether an app, a Bolt solution, a Flow solution, Lightning data

  • Publish: Registration, packaging, and publishing their solution on AppExchange is done by the Salesforce Partner. Creating a demo of the functionality included in their solution for others to view before installing and including a trial version.

  • Install: Salesforce Customers can choose which solutions to install in their orgs by browsing on AppExchange. Thus, installing a published AppExchange solution is safe and simple and it upgrades the business platform. Here, customers can:

    • Browse: They can view the descriptions, reviews, and demos of solutions on AppExchange. They can choose the solution that fits their needs and requirements.

    • Test Drive: They can review a fully functional demo of the solution as a read-only user, and can plan their implementation with their admins.

    • Install: They can add the solution and all its components to their Salesforce environment.

    • Deploy: They can immediately give their users access to the solution or customize it for a select group of users.

We can cite various benefits of the Salesforce AppExchange here itself:

  • The Companies and Users can use directly the application to download the Salesforce instance

  • It gives a Gateway to a lot of prospects that made it possible for many companies to build a rapport with potential customers

  • Existing customers can post reviews about their experience with apps and services, which are a great help for the new customers who are shopping for a particular app

  • There is a lot of scope to build and develop Innovative applications by AppExchange

One needs the “Download Packages” permission to install solutions in the org and can browse listings and test-drive solutions. For creating a package and uploading it to the Partner Community, one must have “Create Packages” and “Upload Packages” permissions and lastly one can create and publish a listing through “Manage Listings” permission.

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