Astrea’s Take Case Ownership

Ownership image1 Take Case Ownership is a Salesforce Lightning component which is designed to allow users to select cases in lightning and take their ownership. It mimics the functionality of Salesforce Classic.

Functionality of Salesforce Opportunity Merge

The component is easy to setup and can be used with some simple steps. Support staff need to accept ownership of Cases several times a day. This little component provides a single-click solution that allows staff to take case ownership.

With Take Case Ownership, a simple UI is provided to ease the user navigation and flow for taking case ownership. The users will be able to change the ownership by clicking on the Action button. Also user can change the Case owner of the selected cases to the Logged in user.

Using Take Case Ownership

Before using the component, user needs to perform some settings. The full details of the setup can be seen in the User guide available on AppExchange and from here

Add the Action button on the Case page and detail page layout as shown below.

Ownership image2

The “Accept” button on the page helps in changing the ownership of the Case to Login user.

Ownership image3

The App is available on AppExchange and can be downloaded from here