Astrea Clone

Astrea Clone is an application made by Astrea which helps any organization to clone any record be it a custom object or a standard object. This application allows cloning of a record up to two levels i.e. it also gives an option to clone child objects or related lists. Users can clone a record just by clicking a few buttons. For example if you are cloning an account, you can also clone the related contacts and cases.

Features Of Astrea Clone

  • It allows bulk cloning
  • It also supports cloning of Notes and attachments to the record.
  • Users can decide which fields to be cloned
  • Admin can define rules related to cloning of any object.
  • Users can provide a number of cloned records to be created.

Steps For Using Astrea Clone

Step 1: Click on this link

Step 2:Install Astrea Clone and follow the usual prompts.

Install Astrea Clone

Step 3: Astrea clone supports two objects : Account and Contact. Users need to add a button for all other objects.

Step 4: Create a button for an object.

Object Buttonp

Step 5: Add the button on the page layout.

Clone Page Layout

Step 6: Astrea Clone is ready to use and now Users can clone their records just by clicking the button.

Colone Records

Step 7: Provide information as per the requirement.

Clone Information

Step 8: Users will get the name of cloned records.

Colone Records


These limitations are related to Salesforce governance limits

  • Users can clone upto 100 parent records
  • Total number of newly created cloned records should be less than 10000.
  • If an attachment is of size more than 135kb, cloning records can throw an error.


The price for the app is as below:

  • $300 USD per company per year
  • There will be a discount of 50% for non profit organizations.


Astrea Clone application is a useful tool and reduces the efforts to clone a record.It allows bulk cloning facility and can clone more than one record at a time.It also gives a feature to clone Notes and attachments of the record. Moreover it also allows cloning child records on the basis of User’s requirements.