Documents In Salesforce Lightning

Unlike Salesforce Classic, Lightning does not have the functionality to view existing documents in the org. Astrea Lightning Documents is a component which enables the user to view, download or delete the documents from a single tab. The component provides the functionality of detail list view of the documents including name, type, description, created by and modified by. Users also have the accessibility to sort the list of documents according to the requirement. The document formats supported by the component are png, jpeg, gif, csv, css, html, plain, snote, stypi, xml, pdf, zip, mp4, mpeg.

Astrea Lightning Documents

The component is available for download on Appexchange.

How the component works?

  • Navigate to the App Launcher in Salesforce Lightning
  • Search for the Document object and click on it

    Astrea Lightning Documents
  • Select the document that you wish to view the details

    Astrea Lightning Documents
  • Click on “view file” to see the file attached to it
  • User can delete the document from the detail page or from the list view directly

    Astrea Lightning Documents

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here.