Astrea Object Hierarchy

The free app supports effortless visualization of object hierarchies in Salesforce. Astrea Object Hierarchy graphically displays two-level child hierarchies related to a particular record. Often there is a need to display child and grandchild records for a record. This app facilitates this functionality.

Once the App is installed in the org. We can add an 'Astrea Object Hierarchy' button to the detail page of any standard or custom object through the page layout. By default, it is available for standard objects like Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunities and there is a provision to create the same button for custom objects.

Astrea Object Hierarchy

By clicking on this button, you will be able to see the two-level child hierarchies of this record in a new window. For example, if used within an account record, it will display all child Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Lead etc. of the account and also the children of the child object. We can expand and collapse the Hierarchy.

Account Hierarchy

Please spread the word about this completely free resource by linking to us. Salesforce users can choose to install components from AppExchange whenever required. Once the component is installed, add the components to the Salesforce environment. Check the description and demo of the application from AppExchange.