Astrea Case Dashboard

Astrea Case Dashboards is a "Powered by Lightning" app. It is one of 25 such apps present on Appexchange. This app provides comprehensive insight into organisation, team, and individual performance for Services and support team. It gives you reusable charts which can be included on Detail pages and community pages in Lightning.

Astrea Cash Dashboard Image

  • Easy to monitor Case record data stats in different Reports.
  • You can display Lightning Dashboard charts to any Standard or Custom Object’s Detail Page in lightning.
  • You can use these Dashboard in the community. Also we can add the individual components for each report on different pages in community.

Astrea Case Dashboards gives a clear picture of the statistics of cases of your organisation. It displays many reports on cases using Lightning components. These lightning components which dynamically fetch data from Case Object and represent them on charts and can be added on the detail page of Account, Lead, Opportunity, Case, etc. There are 30 such components which displays different scenarios depending on Cases object. These Dashboards can work on Community even when the community License doesn’t support dashboards.

Astrea Cash Dashboard Screenshot

If your work in is based on services and support then you need a metric to analyse the case data through some meaningful representation. You get to reuse your reports on Various pages in Lightning and Community to give you better access for comparison of individual records with charts of whole data of the organisation.

Astrea Cash Dashboard Screenshot

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here.

You can download the app from Appexchange