Astrea Case Merge - Lightning Component

Astrea Case Merge

Astrea Case Merge is a Salesforce native lightning component used to merge duplicate Cases in a Salesforce instance. It uses dynamically selected multi-criteria to merge duplicate Cases. It supports point and click graphical user interface which is very simple and easy to use.

By using this lightning component, Salesforce administrators can merge Cases with the help of following criteria Subject, Origin, Priority, Status and CreatedDate range. The subject is primary search filter for using this component. This Component merges the duplicate Case in the Parent Case and also their related Email Messages, Comments and Attachments.

The component can be downloaded free from Appexchange via Astrea Case Merge.

Astrea Case Merge

Simple steps to use this App include :

  • Click on CaseMerge quick action in Case’s detail page.
  • Enter the filter criteria.
  • Select Subject field with two search options “Contains” and “Equals” that is mandatory.
  • Select Status, Origin, Priority, Created Date which is optional.
  • Select the number (2 to 10) of Cases to merge at a time.
  • Click on Find Duplicates button, according to the search criteria a list of duplicate Cases with related information will appear.
  • Select the Cases that he/she wants to merge by selecting the respective checkboxes, click on Next button.
  • A new list of selected Cases will be displayed with oldest Case being the default Master Case,Master Case can be changed as per the User’s choice by selecting the radio button.
  • Astrea Case Merge

  • Click on Merge button, after clicking on Merge, all the selected Cases get merged in the Master Case along with their related Emails, Comments and Attachments.
  • After getting merged the Status of the merged Cases changes to Closed.

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here.

Great little app!
We've been using this app for 6+ months and it's great for our team's needs.
We worked with Astrea to do some customization before we installed (at an additional cost but it was *very* inexpensive for custom dev). When questions/concerns came up they were very responsive and helpful, and went above and beyond what was required by our SOW with them. The app works great aside from some salesforce-enforced limitations (ex. merged-in activites show at the merge time in Case Feed, rather than at the original create time).
It's become an absolutely indispensable tool, I really can't imagine not having it!

- Katie Nix, Business Process Manager, Vendini

Great Time Saver!
CaseMerge has made our small tech team's case management work significantly simpler. We use Email to Case, and have internal users who will often send a new email to our tech email address rather than replying to the original which would keep it linked to the Case.
Previously we had to reparent emails and manually delete old Cases. Now it's a painless process of a few clicks. With the new ability to delete (rather than relate), it keeps our metrics clean for reporting.
Overall, a great time saver and worth the install.

- David Limiero, Senior Director of Strategic Services, Stadia Church Planting