Astrea Approval Process Reminder

Astrea Approval process reminder is an app that has the functionality of sending approval reminder emails to approvers for all the pending approval processes. The app sends upto three reminder emails to the user.

Functionality of Astrea Approval Process Reminder

Approvers for Approval processes in Salesforce are typically senior people and extremely busy. At times approvers “forget” about approvals to be done, and business processes get struck. The app tries to address this issue by sending reminders to approvers at intervals setup by Salesforce admin.

The app sends upto three reminders based on the inputs given by the user for number of days entered for first, second and third reminders for all the pending processes. This app is designed only for the admins of the Salesforce org. The full details of the setup can be seen in the User guide available on AppExchange and from here

The key features of the app are:

  • It ensures business continuity by making sure that no items are stuck in Salesforce org, and if there are any, it sends automatic follow up emails to approvers
  • It sends reminder emails at specified time intervals
  • Admin user can set the time at which he wants the email to be sent to approvers

Using the Astrea Approval Process Reminder

In order to use the app, Salesforce admin needs to do some settings-
On the approval process reminder app, click on the setup page tab as shown below.

Astrea_Approval_Process_Reminder_App_ image1

On the next page, provide inputs for the process reminder settings. Fill number of days for first, second & third reminder and time of the reminder.

Astrea_Approval_Process_Reminder_App_ image2

Salesforce Admin can edit the settings data whenever she wants to but user need to abort the already running job after updating the settings data and then schedule the batch again

Astrea_Approval_Process_Reminder_App_ image3

Astrea_Approval_Process_Reminder_App_ image4

The App is available on AppExchange and can be downloaded from here

For any queries on the app, please email