Astrea Case Merge Lightning Component

“Merge Duplicate Cases”:
Astrea Case Merge (a tool natively built by Astrea IT Services) is one of the lightning Component built to save you falls through the cracks in Salesforce Service Clouds.

What drives us to build a solution for Salesforce Service Clouds?

  • Finding recurring duplication of cases in your Salesforce org. will not lead to a happy operational team and either you won't find the client happy.
  • This is a headache no one wants to suffer through. Undoubtedly it is a very important and much-needed functionality in Salesforce Service Cloud to find the duplicate Cases and merge them together to ensure a clean database.

Let us show you how this has been a headache for Service provider team:

astrea case merge image

  • Every Business provides multiple channels for e.g - Email, Web, Community, Chat, Voice to their users to raise a complaint or query request and it is really easy to end up with duplicate Open cases with respect to a single request raised. As depicted in the above-shown image.

  • You will lose important parts of the communication if there are many cases created and without a merge function, working with cases is really painful.

An Idea under Consideration by Salesforce:

  • Although, this idea has been around for a few years in the Salesforce Idea Community and upvoted by 2000+ Salesforce Users and this startle everyone minds that why this functionality is not included in the Salesforce service cloud and it is still under consideration. So, Astrea decided to enrich the Salesforce Platform by launching this as the lightning component.

Not to worry then!

  • Thankfully, the solution has been delivered by our team of industry professionals. We are committed to providing more than just a basic functionality in the Salesforce environment. The dedicated team is consistently delivering the products and services that meet or exceed your expectations. Link Here

Cheers !! It is available free on the appexchange with 4.5 Star Rating.

Check out the Features, we are providing.

The Six Filters :

astrea case merge image1
  • All the six filters are there to help you out getting the duplicate cases. Either you can use a particular filter or a combination of the filters to find the duplicate cases.
  • It’s not only the cases get merged. We are providing the functionality of merging each case related list such as Case Comments, Email, Email attachments, and File Attachments.
Let us show you with the example:

  1. Selected Filter: Case Subject.

    astrea case merge image2

  2. Select Duplicate Cases to Merge.

    astrea case merge image3

  3. Select Master Case with which duplicate cases get Merged.

    astrea case merge image4

  4. Master Case No. - 00001061.

    astrea case merge image5

  5. Result: Master Case with merged Email, Email Attachments, Case Comments and Files.

    astrea case merge image6

We also have a features/use cases article on Astrea Case Merge. You may visit the following links to read the same :

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  • In this blog, we covered all the capabilities of our Astrea Case Merge lightning component. Please feel free to schedule a call with our Case Merge team for the Demo. You can connect through

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