Astrea Contact Lead Merge

Astrea Contact lead merge is a lightning component which provides the functionality to the users to merge related contacts of an account or any duplicate leads in a particular Salesforce instance. The app is easy to use with point and click graphical user interface. Using this app, user can filter the search for the duplicate contacts and/or leads by inputting a set of options. From the output set, a user can select any two desired records to be merged. Users can select any of the field’s value that they want to show in the merged record.

The Lightning component is available on Appexchange and can be downloaded from there.

Key features of the component
  • Ability to merge duplicate contacts of an account
  • Ability to merge duplicate leads in an org
  • Searching records with the help of filters provided
  • Merging records on the basis of selected fields
  • The filter options available for contact merge are search by first name, last name, contact phone number and by email.
  • The filter options provided for duplicate leads are search by first name, last name, company name, lead status and lead rating.
Using Astrea Contact Lead Merge Component
  • On Salesforce lightning, user can click on Astrea Contact Merge button on an account’s detail page.

    Campaign Member Cloning Image
  • After clicking on the button, a window will display having the homepage of the lightning component.

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  • Then click on ‘find duplicates’ to find all the duplicate contacts related to that account or user can apply filter options for the same
  • After selecting the records to be merged, user needs to click on ‘Add master’ button

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  • User can select the master record by selecting the ID of the desired record and also user can also change the value of the specific field if desired.

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  • The same steps can be followed to merge the leads of the org.

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You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here.