Astrea’s Enhanced Solution

Enhanced Solution is a Salesforce Application developed to give an edge to the customer service support for any organization working on Salesforce. This app works with the Salesforce Solution object and allows youtube videos to be linked with the Solutions.

When a solution is associated with a Case and if there will be a video for the same, Enhanced Solution allows you to view the video from Salesforce in Case or Solution object.

Enhanced Solution app provides support for Videos on Salesforce Solution object in both classic and lightning view. With a Youtube video and Enhanced Solution app, it becomes a plug and play integration and any Youtube video can be accessed from the record detail page of any Salesforce Solution object. In Lightning, the video is available directly in the Case object of Salesforce.

Salesforce Solution in Classic

Solution in Salesforce Classic can be made more effective by using Enhanced Solution app and this involves simple configuration steps to set the layout. You will then see the video in the Solution detail page as in the image below,

EnhancedSolution image2

Salesforce Solution in Lightning

Solutions are not available on the Salesforce Lightning. With Enhanced Solution app the support team can have access to a video of a Salesforce Solution from the Case record itself. This also can be easily setup with some simple steps and you will be able to see the video in the Case detail page as in the image below.
The full details of the setup can be seen in the User guide available on AppExchange here


App is available on AppExchange and can be downloaded from here