Astrea Lightning Linking Notes

Astrea Lightning Linking notes allows users to link the enhanced notes of objects to their respective accounts records. The standard objects for which the app is supported are Contacts, Cases and Opportunities. Therefore the app can be useful in many scenarios & users, whether a Sales rep working on a Opportunity to manage all the notes related to the Account or a Service Rep working on a Case, all can use to benefit from the features offered by this app to the users. All of this is easy to set up and comes with support of selecting time & date for attaching old notes into an account(with easy to use UI), flexibility to configure and opt-out.

The app can be downloaded from Appexchange.

Features of the app

  • The app is for enhanced notes of Contacts, Cases and Opportunities object.
  • The user can link the old enhanced notes of the standard objects with their accounts by setting the date and time as per the need.
  • The app encapsulates simple point and click graphical user interface which is easy to use.
  • The user can also deactivate the feature of linking enhanced notes by unchecking the field of custom settings.

How Astrea Lightning Linking Notes work?

  • First Go to Setup > Type Note Setting >Click on Notes Settings ​and then “Enable Notes”.​

    astrea lightning linking image1

  • Go to the SetupPage: This tab will give you complete overview of this app and also let you find how to use this app.

    astrea lightning linking image2

  • Next go to Run Batch: ​In this tab user can schedule a batch (specific date and timings) to link the enhanced notes to their parent object.

    astrea lightning linking image3

  • After selecting date and time for scheduling batch, click on Schedule Batch button. The output is displayed on the SCHEDULED JOBS​ ​section.
  • To pause updation of account object with enhanced notes, Go to Setup > Type Custom Settings > Click Manage button > click Edit button. User can uncheck the Location field to stop updating.

    astrea lightning linking image4

  • You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here.