Split the Opportunity in lightning with Astrea Opportunity Split Component

Have you ever had a need of splitting opportunity among your team members, like if there are a large number of tasks and you have to assign them to different people. Have you thought of doing this in lightning. Well you can do this easily with Astrea’s new Component Opportunity Split.

Opportunity Split is a Lightning component which splits the amount of any Opportunity among its team members. It mimics the standard Opportunity functionality of Salesforce Classic. It performs splitting on the basis of split type Revenue and Overlay. It also supports Salesforce1 mobile application.

This Lightning component splits the opportunity amount among its Team Members using the same criteria that was there in Salesforce Classic (i.e Revenue and classic).

The advantage of using Opportunity Split will be the features that are part of the package and includes the following,

  • The splitting of Opportunity so that the task can be assigned individually to every user. It helps in managing Opportunity easily.

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  • The user can divide opportunity using Overlay on the basis of percentage and should sum upto 100%.

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  • The user can divide opportunity using Revenue on the basis of percentage but the total should be 100%.

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  • The user can run the component in Salesforce1 mobile app just by creating a quick action on Opportunity in their Org.

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So, you can try your Opportunity Split using this very easy to use component available free on APPEXCHANGE. Feel free to reach out to the support for any queries or demo if required, email to support@astreait.com.