Astrea Share Salesforce Records Chrome Extension

Astrea Share Salesforce Records is a chrome extension which can be used for sharing records in Salesforce Lightning. Unlike Salesforce Classic, functionality of sharing of records is absent in Lightning. With ‘Astrea Record Share’ a user can share custom object records as well as some standard object records like Account, Contact, Lead. The app allows sharing a record with groups also. The groups can be predefined or custom groups created by the user.

You can download the Astrea Share Salesforce Records from the link below- astrea-share-record

Key Features of the Chrome extension

  • The Logged in user can share the records of standard objects with user/group
  • The Logged in user can share the records of custom objects with user/group

How to Download the Extension?

  • Go to the Chrome web store and search Astrea Share Salesforce Records or follow the link given above
  • Click on ADD TO CHROME

    astrea record img1

  • Click on Add extension
    astrea record img2
  • Astrea Share Salesforce Records will be added to your Chrome browser.

    astrea record img3

Settings before Using the Chrome Extension

  • Logged in user must ensure that the shared object has base permission for that user
  • Logged in user must check that the user having a particular profile has base permission to read/edit/create access for shared object

    astrea record img4

Using Astrea Record Share extension

  • After Installing the extension from Chrome Store, open any detail page of any standard/custom object and click on the extension.
  • A new tab will open

    astrea record img5

  • Logged in user can select any other user from the dropdown list or group and can add to the ‘Share With’ column by clicking on Add button


  • After clicking on Add button, user can select sharing mode which can be Read or Edit mode.

    astrea record img7

  • Finally click on the Save button to share the record with selected User/Group.