Astrea Smart vCard For Salesforce - Chrome Extension

With Astrea Smart vCard Chrome Extension users can manage their contacts efficiently. User can transfer the contacts from Salesforce to their phone contacts via email. It becomes very easy to export your Salesforce contacts as vcards through this browser extension. Contact information can be exported from Accounts, Contacts and Leads as a VCF 3.0 file format.

You can download Astrea Smart vCard from the link below-

How to Download the Extension

  • Go to the Chrome web store and search Astrea Smart vCard or follow the link given above
  • Click on ADD TO CHROME
    extension image1
  • Click on Add extension
    extension image2
  • Astrea Smart vCard will be added to the chrome
    extension image3

Key features of the Extension

  • Export contacts in VCF 3.0 format
  • Add exported VCFs as contacts in other email software Google Mail or Outlook
  • Import contact to phone contacts with all the fields

Exporting vCard from Salesforce

  • For exporting the vCard extension, select any contact, account or lead on the lightning contact detail page
  • Click on the vCard chrome extension
    extension image4
  • Now the file will be downloaded on your system and will be ready to email or sync with your phone
    extension image4

Importing vCards on your Phone

  • Importing vCard on phone is much simpler. Open the email on your device and click on the VCF file.
  • Contact will be created on your phone along with associated information
    extension image5
  • To add contact as Google contact, Click on the icon shown below
    extension image6
  • The contact will be added on Google
    extension image7

Thus Astrea Smart vCard extension can export any of your contact, Account and Lead from Salesforce to the vCard format.

Astrea has also developed “Astrea Smart vCard” app on Appexchange which can export, import Contact, Lead, Account, User one or multiple in VCF or PDF. You can download the app for free from Appexchange.

Astrea also has Smart vCard Lightning component in Salesforce Lightning experience. User can export, import Contact, Lead and Account single or multiple in VCF format. You can download the component from Appexchange.