Astrea clone release

Astrea announces the Launch of “Astrea Clone”

Noida, INDIA [11-11-2012]

Astrea IT services pvt. Ltd. Launches a product “Astrea Clone” on Salesforce.appexchange to support the cloning needs of the businesses. Astrea Clone promise to enhance the experience of cloning of information from the tradition way on Salesforce platform.
It’s Ideal for the companies with a dire need of cloning the information due to the nature of their business and deliver a better, faster and a customized solution from any other ordinary Clone product available on Appexchange. Astrea Clone supports most of the editions of Salesforce and works perfectly file.

Key Features:

  • Astrea Clone allows cloning of the records on any Standard Objects (Objects already existing in Salesforce, e.g. Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Cases etc) and Custom Objects (Objects defined by user to store information apart from Salesforce Standard Object).
  • It is capable of creating Multiple (Up to 99) copies of the same record.
  • The amazing feature of Deep Clone allows customizing the cloning of child objects e.g. If account has to be cloned, user can decide if child (i.e. Contacts, Notes, Attachments) has to be fully or partly cloned.
  • Astrea Clone also supports overriding of field values, while cloning the records user can change the field values (if required). For instance, while cloning the account record, user can change the address info for the cloned record.

“The functionality is very straightforward and easy to train users on. This is saving us a lot of time that can be spent doing other things besides record creation. It more than pays for itself and I would highly recommend it,” stated Jessica O’Steen, Independent Cloud Computing Consultant | Digital Marketing Specialist. Astrea Clone outperformed other similar products available on appexchange providing Easy to use Interface, Speed and customized solution.
“The installation provides you with starter buttons that can be replicated on other objects and it is very easy to use” says: Jen Nelson, Senior Project Manager from Configero

About Astrea IT Services Private Limited:

Astrea’s offering enables clients to quickly leapfrog their Salesforce development through product development and Salesforce customizations. Astrea IT Services is a Registered’s partner. Astrea’s core competencies include Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Applications Implementation, Data Management on the platform and Cloud Application Development. Astrea has three products on AppExchange – Astrea Clone, Smart vCard and Object Hierarchy.