How large businesses all over the globe are contributing to Coronavirus

COVID- 19 today has affected almost all countries and most people’s lives have been altered by this. The number of coronavirus cases have risen drastically over the last few days worldwide, creating a sense of panic among the people. The governments are under pressure and large businesses are joining hands to help their employees, customers and community, until the situation comes under control. These challenging times are bringing the best of the corporate world. Below are some of the companies that we have highlighted doing good for the world helping in the fight against Coronavirus.


  • Salesforce: In order to support the people affected by Corona, Salesforce has offered $1 million to UCSF’s COVID 19 fund and also $500k to CDC Foundation emergency fund. Salesforce’s Health Cloud is available for free access for healthcare systems like call centres, care management etc, fighting against Coronavirus. Quip will be available for free for the Salesforce customers to avail work from home for the employees easily.Read More
  • Alibaba: Jack Ma, the founder of Chinese e-commerce Alibaba, has decided to donate 1.1 million testing kits, about 6 million masks, and 600 thousand protective suits. All these supplies are sent to African countries from Ethiopia.Read More
  • Amazon: Amazon will be donating $5 million to local small businesses that have lost their sales due to coronavirus spread. Also Amazon is recruiting 100,000 more employees and providing incentives to current employees.Read More
  • Google: Google has maintained a COVID 19 fund and is providing all its employees and vendors, to take paid sick leaves if they have symptoms of CoronaVirus or if they are working from home due to quarantine.Read More
  • Microsoft: Microsoft has declared that they will continue to pay salaries to their staff who can not work from home. Along with Amazon, it has also donated $2.5 million so far. Microsoft has also launched Coronavirus Tracker that keeps a record of the number of infected cases worldwide.Read More
  • Facebook: Facebook, like Amazon, is also donating some relief funds for small companies to overcome their losses. It is also donating $100 million as a relief fund for COVID 19.Read More
  • Apple: Tim Cook, Ceo of Apple, said that Apple is donating 10 million masks to the healthcare workers of US and has promised to make millions more for the European countries which are worst affected by Coronavirus.Read More
  • Crocs: Crocs have started a program in which they are donating shoes for the healthcare workers to wear who are treating Coronavirus patients. Crocs manufacture shoes which are made up of waterproof material. Thus they are easy to wash and are therefore hygienic. They are delivering the shoes directly to hospitals and medical institutions.Read More
  • Mahindra and Mahindra: The chairman of Mahindra and Mahindra company, Anand Mahindra has announced in a tweet that he will offer his full salary to fight against the COVID 19 pandemic. He has ordered his workers to manufacture ventilators at their own factories and has assured that there will be no scarcity of ventilators. He has also offered that his resorts can be converted temporarily to care facilities if required by the government.Read More
  • Starbucks: Starbucks has announced that they will continue to pay their staff and workers for the next 30 days while they can stay at home. These orders are for all the Starbucks employees around the world.Read More
  • Tata Group: Tata Group has offered Rs. 500 crore for all the Corona affected sections of the country. These funds can be utilized for equipment for healthcare staff who are treating coronavirus patients, and also for ventilators and testing kits etc.Read More
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn has decided to provide some of its learning courses such as how to stay productive, balance work and family, online meeting tools etc., for free.
  • Disney: Disney has shut down all its parks and cruises due to the coronavirus pandemic. But they will continue to give salaries to their staff during the period and are planning to provide full refund to all who had booked tickets for visiting.
  • Uber: Uber is providing sick pay for its staff and workers and also to those who were not originally entitled to paid leaves or benefits, if they are affected by Corona or are advised to be under quarantine.
  • McDonald’s: Mcdonald’s announced that it will provide paid sick leaves for employees who are requested to remain in isolation for a few weeks.

These are tough times across the globe. However organizations and people all over the globe are joining hands to fight the pandemic. With such collaboration, it is only a matter of time, before the global economies make a fantastic return to growth.