Busivents: Business Events in Salesforce

Noida, INDIA - September 9, 2013

News Summary:  Farhad Keyvan. CEO - Busivents  Bridgewater, NJ, USA has launched an Application on Appexchange to make all the events easily available for all Salesforce Users. The application is made with a vision of making Salesforce users able to book any upcoming ‘Business Events’ in their respective Geographical location. 

News Facts

• Busivents - A Local Business Events Information portal throughout the United States – have launched an Application on Salesforce Appexchange for Salesforce Users to provide more Automation in the business. The app is available for download at https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N3000000B3saTEAR
• Busivents Database now will be available to Salesforce users to tap in it, and find any event information to generate breakthroughs in networking with other businesses, discover new prospects and close new deals.
• The Application, also enable users to add any Events that they might be launching for their own business.
• The application enables user to find any event nearby, or with in the country. It also integrates with Calendar (Salesforce, Google) to set as a reminder or task.   

Astrea Commits to provide Finest Solution Inline to the Organisation’s Strategies.

Busivents wanted to expand the Event Registration Business and make it easily searchable for everyone in the country. Astrea IT implemented a complex architecture involving integration between Salesforce and PHP web services. Astrea was involved in all aspects of app development from requirements to launching the app on the AppExchange.

By making a Salesforce Application, Busivents can target a whole set of new market where this product will really make the difference by making businesses more social and popular. With Astrea, it will be a whole set of a new market for Busivents to enable people to book and register for Business Events.

Referenced Quote by Farhad Keyvan

 Great team of professionals

  "We are very much impressed with Astrea IT Services. They are very skilled and knowledgeable and    delivered a great product. The team works hard and is very responsive. We recommend them highly."

About Astrea IT Services Private Limited:

Astrea’s offering enables client to quickly leapfrog their CRM through product development and customizations. Astrea IT Services is a Registered Salesforce.com partner. Astrea’s core competencies include Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Applications Implementation, Data Management on the Salesforce.com platform and Cloud Application Development. Astrea has four products on AppExchange – Astrea Clone, Smart vCard, SmartCal and Object Hierarchy.