Chatrules: Automatically follow records based on business rules

Chatrules is an application launched by Astrea to ease the process of following and unfollowing the records on the basis of business rules created by the users. It helps the organization to track important records easily.

Chatrules supports six standard objects: Account, Contact, Opportunity, Lead, Case and User. Users can also see the dashboards and have the statistics about the chatter in their organization.


  • Follow and unfollow the records based on the business needs.
  • Users can view the record’s statistics on the dashboard.
  • Analyze chatter in the organization.

Business Scenarios

A few sample scenarios of this application are explained below

a)Inform updates to VP Sales (North) for changes to any opportunity that has a location in the North, and has an amount of more than 100K USD.

b)If a Case is logged for an account marked as a large customer, then automatically have Client Success Manager follow the updates to the Case.

c)If the priority of any Case is urgent, and status is open, then automatically have the Client Success Manager follow the updates to the Case.

How To Steps

Step 1: Install Chatrules application by clicking on this link.

Chatrules Application

Step 2: Follow the usual prompts while installing any application.

Step 3: Go to setup and search chatter follow in Quick find box.

Step 4: Choose the object for which you want to make rule

Choose Object

Step 5: Click on new rule.Now add the field for which you want to make a rule. Users can add multiple rules at a time.

Add New Rule

Step 6: Save the rule. Users can preview the records for which the rule will be applicable.

Step 7: Click on the run rule button after selecting the number of records for which you want to follow.

Run Chatrules

Step 8: Users can go to the record and check on the detail page. That record is now followed by the user as highlighted in the screenshot.

Chatrules Record

Functionality and steps are the same for the Chatter follow and chatter unfollow tab.

There are three tabs present in ChatRules:

  • Chatter follow
  • Chatter unfollow
  • Chatter Dashboard

How To See Dashboard

Step 1: Go to setup and search for chatter dashboard in quick find box

Step 2: Now Users can analyze chatter in their organization by having a look at the dashboard.

Chatrules Dashboard

User Record


  • $600 USD per company per year
  • Discount for non profit organizations is $500 per org per year


ChatRules application is a useful tool for organizations to organize their chatter, follow and unfollow the records based on the rule. The app ensures that relevant business users are updated about important customer transactions. Users can preview the number of records that matches the criteria before running the rule.