CPQ Case Study


Client is a US based provider of a very popular Salesforce app that provides Education, Nonprofit and Financial Services (and other) industries with business critical functionality to nurture the entire lifecycle.


Despite having a seasoned sales team, sales were flat. The sales team was using Salesforce Cloud as their CRM. By examining sales trends, it was determined that prospects were dropping out of the pipeline because of price resistance. End-users were reluctant to invest upfront in this piece of equipment.

Additionally, each of their potential clients has a very unique model and requires customized solutions and pricing. Therefore each proposal and quote was different and needed to be built Client wants to implement CPQ to manage the following in Salesforce:

  • The clients want a full list of their organization Products, Products bundles, Pricebook, Quotes, Contracts and Invoices to be configured in CPQ.

  • Implementing Document generation through Formstack

  • Tracking and Analytics for the organization Products.


Astrea IT worked very closely with the client team, deep diving to understand nuances of the As-Is processes. The team was able to design, develop and implement a tailor-made solution incorporating:

  • Salesforce CPQ was implemented, and delivery included highly-customizable templates, validation testing and prompts to successfully guide customers throughout the buy journey.

  • The client now has a fully integrated quoting and ordering process with a 360-degree view of its customers, including which products they’re using, payment terms and processes, quotes in progress, suggestions for other products, and account and conversation history.

  • The custom process enabled online e-commerce transactions to be submitted through an API call. The API call creates the opportunity and goes through the entire CPQ order process before an opportunity is closed/won, all without any manual steps by the client.

  • Validation Rules and Approval Rules were implemented to optimize the client’s complex selling scenarios and enforce proper guardrails for the sales rep. A large and complex data migration was performed to ensure the client’s customers had a seamless experience for any in-flight quotes, renewals, and amendments.
  • Large configurable bundles were enabled to support optimization of the client’s product catalog.

  • Custom Reports & Dashboards for data tracking/analytics and visualization.

Results & Benefits

  • Fully automated, end-to-end quoting process, Process improvement and freedom from manual data entry.

  • Standardization of the product setup and Quotation process

  • Optimization of the client’s product catalog resulted in the ability to go-to-market quickly with new offerings.

  • Improved amendment and renewal processes created a better user experience resulting in a better customer experience.

  • Seamless document generation through Formstack implementation.