Campaign Member Helper

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The Campaign Member Helper allows users to search for leads/contacts and add them to a campaign as campaign members. The component also supports deletion of campaign members.

Campaign Member Helper

  • Replicating the functionality of adding campaign member through search using a simple button click.
  • Searching through a lead or contact record based on filters applied and mass adding new campaign members to the campaign and provide them the default status.
  • Ability to remove existing campaign members and update the status of existing campaign member.

Campaign Member Helper

You can download the component from Salesforce Appexchange.

Campaign Member Helper is a lightning component using which a user can add new campaign member(s) to a particular campaign by selecting the lead or contact records based on filters applied during the search with a desired status.

In Addition, it also presents the functionality to edit and/or delete one or many existing campaign member.

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here.