Luminate to Salesforce Case Study


The client is a US based Nonprofit organization.


The client was using Luminate CRM from past few years but was not fully satisfied with the tool. The price structure of Luminate was quite high for the organization specially when they were using only some specific feature of it once in awhile. Luminate overall features looked attractive but they were not actually using all the features to their full extent. It was not providing the entire information of the system. Reporting and analytics were a great challenge for the client while using Luminate. They wanted a tool which could meet all their needs, helps in changes and growth and provide proper reports and analytics.


Astrea helped the client to migrate from Luminate to Salesforce with zero data loss. All fundraising tools that exist on Salesforce are designed to enforce best practices of nonprofit fundraising, each in their own way. We migrated all the data from Luminate to NPSP. NPSP is an open source which means the user can further customize it according to his own requirements. It was affordable and within the budget of the client. NPSP is constantly being updated so the client can take advantage of bug fixes and new features. NPSP supports several features required by the customer including Donor management, campaign management, portal implementation etc. Mapping of all the objects from Luminate to Salesforce was done successfully.

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Thus, NPSP was an affordable tool for the client. The client is now using NPSP which is an easy-to-use fundraising and constituents management application designed for nonprofits of all size. The client is now able to build communities and enable great engagement by sharing data with donors, members and volunteers. They are now able to create their customized reports and dashboards. Salesforce analytics helped them with big data analysis from multiple data resources.

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