A US based solar energy finance and investment firm which has facilitated financing for approximately 450W solar projects on behalf of Fortune 100 Companies. Company has offices set up globally with a large number of customers.


The client had been using Salesforce and Astrea helped them in implementing their business operations and now, they wanted to explore the marketing automation. Astrea helped them in implementing their marketing automation goals.

Landing Page similar to Website

The client wanted that the form pages to be filled by Pardot should be similar in look and feel of their company’s website. They also needed that the dashboards and reports should have similar branding.

Layout should be UI adjustable

A responsive UI was required that should be easily compatible with all the devices like tablet, iPhone, PC’s, etc. such that it should be accessible everywhere and anytime.

Form Integrated with Salesforce

The client wanted to integrate their query form on their website with Salesforce such that automatically the record is created in their Salesforce org and the sync is maintained if there is any previously existing record related to that query.

Data Analytics and Reports

The analysis of all the marketing campaign, emails was required and data reports were required for a better view of the information stored from the forms and to see a consolidated view of the Campaign with details of each involved metrics.


Based on the Astrea’s expertise with the platform, we implemented the following

  • Synchronizing CRM Data: Connection established for Pardot with Salesforce for syncing Prospect with Lead and Contact and provided a customized sync behavior.
  • Customization Tasks: Customization of landing pages, Dynamic User Interface to match the client’s website was implemented. We created a CSS file with media tags to adjust the factors like alignment, that made it compatible with all the devices.
  • Lead Generation and Nurturing: Automated Lead Capturing process for the client was implemented by creation of Forms and Landing Pages. As an add on, automation for nurturing a lead for marketing and sales qualification by drip program that automates sending emails and waiting for days as prospect responses was also established.
  • Scoring and Grading: Setting scoring for every activity a prospect do was also added in this implementation for various client processes..Example-if a prospect open a email send him through Pardot or submit a Pardot form, he will get some score. Based on these scores we can know that prospect is more interested in our product.
  • Reporting: Analytics through reports defined to capture details of every campaign to draw insights based on real data for better decisions. Example: How many prospect get created in a particular month, How many campaigns have done won deals, How many email a prospect have open etc.


The client received a landing page enabled for the company to keep track of the intent of the ad that their visitors visited and helped them in understanding the potential leads and concentrating on their future marketing strategy. With the customized CSS the UI client could be on top of all the information from any device they have, it is convenient for users to access it from any location they want. With the reporting enabled for the data, they can see the impact of their campaign and check for every detail in an organized manner.