ChatRules in Salesforce

Chatrules is a Lightning ready Salesforce Application, which can help Organisations to follow and unfollow the records on the basis of created rules. By defining simple rules, a Salesforce administrator can ensure that users will follow or Unfollow the records that they want. It enhances the Chatter experience for you and your organisation.

Chatrules supports six standard objects: Account, Contact, Opportunity, Lead, Case and User. With the help of Dashboard users can view interesting statistics on how chatter is being used in our organization.

Business Need

    There are several business scenarios where it is useful to automatically follow Chatter records.
    Some of these are listed below:
  • Sales managers would find ChatRules useful to automatically follow Opportunity records once they reached a certain stage, amount, and/or contained certain products.
  • It is beneficial to automatically follow records created by specific user as a way to monitor if a new employee is building their pipeline correctly, or to ensure policies are being followed.
  • Marketing could follow records based on primary campaign source - from the point when a Lead is entered into the system all the way to the Opportunity becoming closed won.
  • Operations managers could Autofollow records if they went into a status of "On hold" or "not Moving." This would replace the current email notification they receive. ChatRules could continue to provide them updates without the manager having to inspect each record separately.
  • Using unfollow functionality, once an implementation goes back to "Moving Along" or an Opportunity drops below a certain threshold, then it would be useful to reduce the amount of potential clutter and keep only the important items in the notification table.

How Chatrules work in Salesforce?

  • In the app, there are 2 tabs Chatter Follow (to follow the records) and Chatter unfollow (to unfollow the records).

  • Select the tab and then object for which you want to create the rule
  • Click on the New Rule button for creating a rule for the selected object
  • Select the field for which you want to create the rule
  • Define all required values for defining the rule. Users are allowed to create two conditions in one rule having logical operators between the defined conditions.
  • Click on the “Save” button to save this rule
  • From the main screen, you can Edit or Delete the rules also
  • Select the rules by making the checkbox true for the rules and click on the Preview button to check the records of the object which are fulfilling the conditions of the rule.
  • Run rule button will run the functionality for following or Unfollowing the records.
  • Chatrules also allows users to follow the records automatically. Anytime when records are created or updated in the object records, If the record fulfils the rule’s condition then users start following the record automatically.

Benefits of Chat Rule:

  • This app helps us to follow or unfollow the records according to our needs. We can apply the rules for existing records and newly created records.
  • We can analyse the chatter usage in our organization using Dashboards also.
  • It also provides the Preview of records before follow and unfollow.

You can also refer to the User Manual for further details, from here.
You can download the app from Appexchange
For any query on ChatRules, contact