Check the health of your Salesforce Instance with Astrea’s Org Scanner

Have you ever faced the challenges of having your Org populated with unwanted and sometimes harmful data, despite having a number of rules and strict Governance Policies your Org captures unwanted data. Have you ever thought of having an automated tool that checks the health of your Org, i.e. that checks the data and instance it contains. Well considering these regular unwanted situation for a Salesforce User Astrea has combined a set of rules to form an App that checks Code Quality, Metadata and Other Metrics.

Astrea has developed many other Apps like Amanda, Octopus, Dolly Cloning, etc. which simplifies the work of an Administrator. Now Astrea’s team has worked on this tool contributing automation towards Org health.

Org Scanner determines the overall grade of an Org based on a set of metrics. The results are broadly categorized in Code Quality, Metadata and Other Metrics. This tool checks Apex Code Quality Information i.e. Total Chars, API Versions, Assert methods used etc.It gathers metadata information i.e. Object Last usage, Used/Unused Record Types, Record Counts, Validation Rules, Workflows etc and other metrics information i.e. Internal Roles, Portal Roles, Users not Logged in last 30 days, User - Admin Users (Modify All Data) etc.

The App automates the monitoring of a Salesforce instance by providing following features,
  • The Org Administrator can get the report in PDF format via email.

  • The App gives the reporting of Apex Class, Apex Triggers, API versions, Test Class, Object Layout, Average code per class, average asset method per Test method, number of fields, last usage data, layouts, trigger on same event, validation rule active / inactive, workflow rule active / inactive, user not logged in last 30 days, triggers count individually in percentage form.

  • It displays the result on different conditional parameters like greater than, less than, etc and then calculates the final percentage.

So, you can try this App in your Org, very easy to use, available free on APPEXCHANGE. Feel free to reach out to the support for any queries or demo if required, email to