Clone bulk records with its child records by Hydra

Hydra is a lightning component which helps in creating multiple copies of any record of any object along with its related lists. The user can mention the number of clones to create and can clone any number of object records in short period of time. The user can also make changes to the values while cloning which will get reflected in the newly created records.

The key features of this component are:

  • Number of Clones - The user is provided with the facility of choosing the number of clone object.
  • Editing Rule - By clicking on this edit rule, user can change values according to their requirements. The name and email of the cloned object record can be changed by this edit rule.
  • Related List Cloning - The related list of the object can be cloned by enabling the checkbox respective to the list of the Object.
  • Hydra can clone both Standard and Custom Objects.

The differentiating feature of the Component include :-

  • The cloning of single object - By choosing the object that is to be cloned and clicking on AstreaClone button, the object will be cloned.
  • Hydra Image

  • Choosing the number of records to be cloned - The user need to choose the number of records that they want to clone while using clone functionality.
  • Hydra Image
The component is available for free download at Salesforce AppExchange

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