Clone records with Related list in button click only using Astrea Clone

Astrea Clone is a Salesforce App that helps organizations to clone a record of an object. The users can mention values for the fields that need to be in cloned records. Astrea Clone has many features which can help minimize the work in cloning object records. Astrea Clone supports all standard and custom objects and allow users to clone a single as well as bulk records in a button click.

You can download the app from Appexchange Astrea Clone.

The App allows user to select related lists that needs to be cloned for the record. It supports cloning multiple records at a time from the list view. Astrea clone allows users to specify count of cloned records that need to be created.

The advantage of using this App include the following features,

The user can define the new name of the cloned record at the time of cloning, if required user can change the name of the records or they can keep the name same as it was before cloning.

Astrea Clone Image

It allows cloning of records in bulk where user can select the records out of all the available records to clone at a single instance of time.

Astrea Clone Image

The App shows the list of all the records at a single place once the cloning of all the records are done from where they can redirect to detail page on a single click.

Astrea Clone Image

You can install the Astrea Clone from here and try the component for yourself. Feel free to reach out to the support for any queries or demo if required, email to