Salesforce Community Site Implementation with PayPal API Integration for Large Online Store


A USA based Company that provides solutions that achieve measurable results for Non Profit, Commercial and Public Sector clients. They provide high-quality and cost effective programs, resources and connections for the benefit of diverse communities. They are also running an online store for selling books/literatures for large Publishing House.


  • The customer wanted to connect with their Member and Non Member Users by building customized Salesforce Community Site Pages within their Salesforce instance which contain their branding logo and look and feel similar to their company website.
  • Client requirement was to build a Product Catalog/Shopping Cart Application within the community site for the Member and Non Member users so that they can order the products.
  • Customer wanted to download the purchased product file from community. File can not be accessed without sharable link.
  • Integration with PayPal API for providing the checkout functionality to the Users.
  • The Process to send emails for every successful orders with details of Ordered Products.


  • Created a new custom, responsive design similar to the Customer owned Website theme within Salesforce.
  • Created a Product Catalog/Shopping Cart Application within the community site for purchasing the products. We had created around 50 Visualforce Pages, 5 Apex Triggers and 5 Batch Classes within this. We had differentiated the Product Price using different Price Books for Member and Non-Member Users. Checkout has been done using Credit Card/Check with the help of PayPal API on Community Site and corresponding records is saved within the Salesforce.
  • Created a Visualforce Page where user can do payment using credit card with the help of PayPal API Integration. We had done integration for providing the functionality of Payment and Refund both.
  • Created the custom shareable link using a Trigger on Content Document Link Object and store it into the a field and use that field to download the file.
  • Created a Batch Class for sending emails to the users after Order Confirmation.


  • Easy to use and all-inclusive user experience Community Site.
  • Using Shopping Cart Application, User can purchase the Products.
    1. Visitors can go through the existing Products.
    2. They can add products to Cart for Shopping.
    3. Shop and Create Orders
  • Now through PayPal Integration, they are able to check all the payments of all the Users at one place.