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The Client is a full-service commercial bank headquartered in the USA. Their business offers a suite of products, including lending, mortgage, investment management.

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Business Scenario

The Client banking business support team was having challenges in managing complaints in their own standalone complaint management system from their customers. The Client recently deployed Salesforce in their premises and also enquired about using Salesforce's own complaint solution but then eventually dropped out because it was costly to implement.

To rectify the current situation, the client decided to build their own custom complaint management functionality within their Salesforce instance.

Astrea IT Approach

Astrea IT team worked with the client stakeholders to understand the requirements and how to go about implementing the complaint management system.

Astrea IT team worked on creating different functionalities as part of complaint management which includes:

  • A user-friendly interface to enter a complaint in FSC which can be worked on further by the Complaint Resolution Team, Compliance Team, and Legal Team.
  • A Task can be created at any stage by either team(Complaint Resolution Team, Compliance Team, and Legal Team) to take some assistance or to direct a team member to resolve a complaint, provide some details, perform some investigation, etc.
  • Provided a way for users to communicate with others via chatter posts, emails, support notes, attachments, and case teams for team collaboration.
  • Implemented security settings of the system so that only a designated person should be able to read or edit the complaints.


Astrea IT team built a comprehensive functionality in customer’s existing Salesforce instance to manage Leasing vehicles.

  • Robust functionality handling large amounts of data with ease.
  • The functionality is fully automated and user friendly.
  • Seamless Data management
  • Time Saving.
  • The new complaint management functionally helped the client to provide more than 90% customer satisfaction


Custom And Standard Objects/Fields, Aura Component, Visualforce Page, Apex, Flow Builder, Validation Rules

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