Conga Composer- one-stop shop for success!

Conga Composer is one of the most popular apps on AppExchange which enables Salesforce customers to customize, streamline and scale document generation and reporting for unlimited use cases across all organizations and industries. It is a composer that can automatically populate richly formatted templates with data from any standard or any custom object in Salesforce and send it via a variety of delivery options. From a button or link on an object in Salesforce, the administrator configures Composer Solutions for end-users to run Composer.

We are already aware of the importance of being on social media. And therefore, it is obvious that we do already have The administrator then decides what Salesforce object data should leverage, and later creates the document templates, dictates formatting, and determines the customization options available to end-users. Later, end-users can click the button to run the solution for operation. Moreover, the administrator can allow end-users to make selections, such as which template to use for the final completed files, and also they can pre-select templates and other options and run the solution entirely in the background. However, they can also automate solutions using Salesforce workflows or on a schedule using Conga Batch and Conga Trigger. Once the documents are created by the administrator then, Composer can also allow users to email documents, send documents for eSignature, or store the documents in services like Box, Google Drive, or OneDrive for safekeeping.

Conga Composer

Below mentioned tasks can be performed by an administrator of Conga Composer:

  • An administrator can install and Upgrade Conga Composer from the Salesforce AppExchange.

  • Administrator can set up and configure Conga Composer with Conga Composer Setup.

  • She can create a Composer Solution.

  • For the Composer Solution, she can gather additional Data.

  • Customization of Conga Solution with additional behavior is applicable.

  • Delivery of merged documents.
  • Automation of file generation and delivery with Conga Batch and Conga Trigger.

Conga Batch basically schedules and sends large volumes of documents to Salesforce and Non-Salesforce users whereas Conga Trigger creates and delivers documents. The growing trend for making everything digital needs the necessary development of solutions to meet the demand. Data Management is of top priority in the Salesforce environment and because everything is on the Cloud, it’s rare to limit data, and documenting it is difficult. From the AppExchange, Salesforce integrates with apps to carry out solutions, taking advantage of the benefits of the apps available.

Benefits of Conga Composer:

  • It can combine multiple documents

  • Availability of automatic E-signature

  • Availability of 24*7 reliable support team

  • It is cost and time effective

Conga Composer is the unique combination of document creation by tools and formats, which make the system an all-in-one solution that aids in workflow and process automation while saving significant time and cost. Also, Conga Composer was employed for CRM document management by various financial businesses and its usage is actually not restricted to specific industries or sectors.