Convert a Lead with Salesforce1

Salesforce1 is a new mobile application provided by Salesforce. The Salesforce1 platform accelerates the development and deployment of apps. Salesforce1 can be accessed by appending /one/ in base URL of you Salesforce org. It is 100% cloud platform that lets you:

  • Create custom apps, fast, with clicks or code
  • Connect faster to everything, with powerful APIs
  • Deploy and access any app on Salesforce
  • Get going with over 2,000 apps on the AppExchange

In Salesforce1 Lead conversion is not possible in standard way as there is no standard button for converting Leads in Opportunity, Account and Contact.

Lead with Salesforce1 Image1

Fig.1: Lead Detail Page in salesforce1

To provide this functionality, we have created a custom button “Lead Convert” with the custom Visualforce pages and controllers which can easily execute in Salesforce1. Make sure on Visualforce page ‘Available for Salesforce Mobile Apps’ should be true.

Lead with Salesforce1 Image2

Fig.2: Lead Convert Custom Button in Salesforce 1

Lead Conversion Process:

We are using custom visualforce page and apex class to convert a lead in salesforce1. This VF page is available for salesforce mobile apps. When user clicks on custom button Lead Convert from Lead detail page in salesforce1 then it will redirect to our custom VF page and it will looks like standard lead conversion page.

The apex class has one method to convert lead with standard field mappings. During the conversion of lead if any error occurs then it will show on the VF page. If lead is converted successfully then page will redirect to created opportunity detail page.

Lead with Salesforce1 Image3

Fig.3: Lead Conversion page (In Android)

Converted Opportunity:

On successful conversion of Lead, new Opportunity gets created. You can view the created

Opportunity as shown in the image below.

Lead with Salesforce1 Image4

Fig.4: Converted Opportunity from Lead in Salesforce1

Converted Account:

On successful conversion of lead, new Account gets created. You can view the created

Account as shown in the image below:

Lead with Salesforce1 Image5

Fig. 5: Converted Account from Lead info

On successful conversion of lead, new Contact gets created. You can view the created

Contact as shown in the image below.

Lead with Salesforce1 Image6

Fig. 6: Related list of Account

Converted Contact:

Lead with Salesforce1 Image7

Fig.7: Converted Contact from Lead info in saleforce1