Custom Object Connector for Quip

It is now possible to see your Salesforce custom object data in Quip. Custom Object connector is an app that can be used to import any record of a Salesforce custom object of a Salesforce org in Quip. User can edit or delete the records of the objects through the app. The custom object connector app shows the records according to the user requirement. User can specify the field that should be displayed for the specified record inside Quip. User can get latest update on the record from Salesforce into Quip.

You can download the app through your Quip account and it will added as a file on your profile.

Custom Object Connector image1

Using the Custom Object Connector app

  • Log in to your Quip account
  • Open the Custom Object Connector app and log in to your Salesforce org
  • All the custom objects will be displayed

    Custom Object Connector image2

  • Select the object that you want to see the records
  • The records associated with the selected object will be shown on the next column
  • You can also search the records in the search box

    Custom Object Connector image3

  • Required fields of the record will be displayed
  • User can edit or delete the fields on the app and after clicking on “Update” button, the field is updated on Salesforce org

    Custom Object Connector image4
  • When user updates any field on Salesforce org, the change is reflected on the Quip app after clicking on the “Sync” button. User can get the latest updates of a record directly in Quip without opening Salesforce.

    Custom Object Connector image4

The App is available on AppExchange and can be downloaded from here.