Customization of Service Cloud Salesforce Community


A USA based large practice management software company, with integrated products and services in the industry in the United States and Canada.


  • The customer wanted to connect with their customers and partners by building customized Salesforce Standard Community pages within their Salesforce instance which contain their branding logo and look and feel similar to their company website.
  • Client was using the Service Cloud and they had the basic version of community chatter answer. So, they wanted a solution that allows them to aggregate the Ideas, Cases, Knowledge base.
  • Created a new custom, responsive design and skinned the new community design similar to the Customer owned Website theme within Salesforce.
  • Migrate Standard pages as listed below and setup new theme and content type in time for their official release. We did the following work for community customization.
    1. Login / Forgot Password / Not a Member(Self Registration Page) / New User confirmation pages
    2. Community Home page
    3. Community Knowledge
    4. Community Ideas
    5. Community Cases
  • The biggest challenge was to meet the aggressive schedule given by the client at that time and this community project required extensive customization.


  • Our Multi-skilled team of developers, designers setup a scalable, efficient and responsive community for the Client.
  • To meet the UI requirement of the customer, we extensively used CSS, JavaScript on the Custom visual force pages for the Communities. The UI capabilities were especially important in building this information-rich community.
  • Daily Conference calls were organized with the customer to discuss the status/changes.
  • Astrea put together development and project management team to regularly monitor/track the daily activities in the project as this was a large community project for us.


  • The communities went live in the production as per the scheduled time frame by the timely support from our development team on QA and UAT sandbox deployment.
  • All the defects were fixed in QA/UAT Deployments.
  • Clients was successfully able to run the communities for over 40,000 Communities User Licenses.

To know more about communities setup/customization or want to have a meeting for your community needs, just drop a mail at