Customizing People tab in Community

Standard Peoples Tab in Salesforce Communities :

In the standard people tab under the community, we can search the users but we cannot add additional fields to the search criteria or add more fields to search results. So we cannot identify the user if there are users with the same names until we click on the user link and check for the other fields like email, title etc and again back to the tab. This does not create a good user experience. Also the standard tab does not allow users to search for fields other than name.

Custom Salesforce Communities :

We have created the customized people’s tab where we can see all our users with the columns which should be needed to distinguish it from other users.

Customize People Image1

We can also search the users by our own criteria like by name, location, title etc.

Customize People Image2

We have to just select the criteria and enter any relevant text into the input text and it will show the records according to the text entered.

Customize People Image3

We can also re-search the users quickly by clearing the old search criteria by simply clicking on the Clear button.

Customize People Image4

Implementation Components :

  1. Visualforce page to display the functionality
  2. Apex Controller for the Visualforce page
  3. Test Case for the Apex Controller
  4. Communities Tab for the Visualforce page

Conclusion :

The key things that can cover by this customized People tab are as follows:

  1. We can see either all the users or even search the particular users using keywords.
  2. We can distinguish users from others easily as we have different columns being displayed under the results.
  3. We can quickly search and re-search users because of the clear functionality, it can clear the results and ready to re-search again by clicking on one button only.