Daily Time Entry System in Salesforce Lightning

The time entry system plays a very critical role in any organization for keeping track of the work done and resource engagement. A good time entry system needs to be robust and sync with the business processes. Astrea being an experienced Salesforce Consulting Company and a certified AppExchange partner knows the best development practices and have provided one such solution for their clients.

About the Company

The client is a US based Non profit working on the Therapeutic Riding, equine facilitated therapy program for the benefit of people who happen to have disabilities. They have different resources to manage the tasks at the farms and have different site locations for the same workers. `

Problem for Time Entry System

There was no tracking of employee’s time and control over the time reported by them and management analytics to check for the resources.

Our client needed a system to track the overall working hours of their employees and manage the tasks for different locations in the single window. Some of the workers were hourly paid and some were paid per day basis and tracking and this was not properly handled.

There were two job locations and multiple job types or functions to be performed and as the workers were not very willing to spend time on any system they need a simple solution with clicks and save type functionality.

Astrea’s Time Entry Solution

Astrea has worked with the organization to understand their users and their jobs and came up with a solution that can be easy to use for users and effective for the management. With this in mind we developed a backend where they can segregate the tasks done based on the days or weeks or months and also the job site or location.

  • Astrea created an interface for the users to login and enter their hours spent on the farm and there is process implemented to check their payment method and based on that auto calculated amount to be paid by the org is shown to the admin.

  • Relocation of resources for a specific number of days.
  • Users enter their start time, break time and end the day, based on this an automatic response is generated for admins to verify the work done and reported.
  • Admin have the monthly tasks and time sheet to check and approve and based on that the amount calculations are done in the backend

  • Astrea built a report engine for the admin and management users for tracking the daily tasks, timesheets and monthly sheets for better performance analysis based on each employee.

Results from the Time Entry System

The system enabled the organization to focus on their day to day tasks rather than maintaining the time logs verifying it and doing a tedious task of manually checking the rates and preparing the total payments per employee every month.

Everything is automated for them and better reporting was created to ensure the admin is on top of all the jobs going on in the org.