Case Study


A US based company which provide consulting services and analytics software to law firms and professional services organizations. Company has offices set up globally with a large number of customers.


Authorization for the User was required
The client wanted a mechanism to support the user’s authenticity and therefore a control system to manage the confidential data to be displayed to an authenticated user only. They wanted to control the user registration and access based on certain parameters and criteria.

Look and feel similar to Company’s website
The company branding was needed and therefore the client wanted that the look and feel of support helpdesk should be same as their website.

Unable to track their service or complaints
The client wanted to streamline their process of capturing the complaints from various sources like their email and social media.

Signature theme similar to their website theme
The client wants that reply theme of their signature should be different from the default theme provided by


  • We implemented multipass login for the users by developing a site in Salesforce org and created an admin approval process. Therefore, when any user registered for the company’s service portal, it has to be first approved by the admin and only after that the user can access the full documentation and company resources.
  • The confirmation email is sent to the user once the user is approved by the admin or in case the user is not approved the reason for not approving this time is sent based on Admin’s selection.
  • To provide the same look and feel as the company website, we analysed the style of the website and customized the We added a new theme to the instance and changed the fonts, colors and header as per the website. We modified the appearance of the pages with these components and also added the favicon and company logo to provide the similar look and feel.
  • For tracking all the sources of service request and complaints if any, Astrea implemented the Multichannel support offered by and now using this feature all the emails coming to the company support were directly tracked in Salesforce. Any post on Social media was also captured in Salesforce and admin and related users were notified as per the requirement.
  • For changing reply signature theme, we customized the standard functionality and implemented a custom theme. We used a new template to match the company branding and customize the color, font and images.


  • An authenticity layer was implemented for the company and they could now display only the relevant data as per the Admin decision. Only those users are allowed to login, whom the administrator had approved.
  • The client website and their support system on have the same feel of the brand and the customer support was made effective using automatic replies and escalations.
  • The support for the company is enhanced by implementing the multi channel integration with the emails, social media accounts of the company.
  • The signature of the company is now similar to the website theme, therefore the trust and the branding is maintained for the customers.