- Out-of-the-box Customer Support Helpdesk is the customer support product accessible through cloud.The application is based on saas and is helpful for small-sized companies for Customer Relationship Management. It has a set of predefined features which help companies to gather all information at one place like.

Multi-channel capabilities

It has multi-channel capabilities for handling customer requests. Requests from various sources can be gathered at a single place. It supports many applications with high level performance. Facebook, Twitter, Phone call tracking can be done at one single place. Screenshot

Self-Service Portal

It provide self-service portal as well as knowledge base for various decision making. Customers can submit their queries and can get response instantly without the need of any third party. Screenshot

Automatic Call Back

It’s one of the main feature is Call Back which help companies for automated recurring calls. This feature reduces the manual effort of the companies hence saving time and enabling automation. Screenshot

User Interface

An agent to customer communication interface is available as web application and mobile app. Hence it enables the user interface from multiple sources. This makes dealing with the clients easy and fast than ever before. Screenshot

Integration can be integrated with Salesforce and various applications like Jira and Slack. Those companies which are already using Salesforce can improve their support system with this product. Screenshot

Live Support System

It gives Live Support software to facilitate chat between agents and customer requesting support. As soon as query is generated customers get the response. Screenshot

Business Analytics Business Insights is the company's analytics feature that comes with pre-configured reports and customized business intelligence accessible by all team members. Screenshot

Internal Ticketing

It can automate the process by setting custom rules and workflows. It can automate to answer queries which have previously been arrived. Screenshot

Case Management

It automatically assigns case to the concerned person who is taking charge of that department. Screenshot