Domain Branding in Salesforce

While working with Domain Branding the main challenge is Security. It become crucial when it comes to authentication and confidential data. For security Salesforce have it’s own security mechanism. Salesforce use secured protocol (HTTPS) for the authentication of users. and provides them access of data and service based on their permissions. We are highlighting the details for domain branding in Salesforce.

To use domain branding within Salesforce, we will also need to authenticate the user by standard salesforce login functionality, for authentication purpose Salesforce use HTTPS, while most of the domains use HTTP. So while using domain branding we need HTTPS module and to achieve this we need SSL certificates. We have to follow the below steps to achieve Salesforce branding.

  • Create a domain. Under Domain Management, just click on Domains and then click on Add a domain button.

  • Domain Branding Image

    Create your Domain Name and just save it for now. We will upload the certificate here later after it will be signed by the Registrar Authorities of the domain.

    Domain Branding Image

  • Now under Security Controls go to Certificate and Key Management and click on “Create CA Signed Certificate”. This certificate will be signed by the Registrar of Domain authorities

  • Domain Branding Image

  • Create the new Certificate record by providing appropriate information

  • Domain Branding Image

  • Once record has been created we can download the Certificate Signing Request. By using IDE we will sign the Certificate Signing Request through Certificate authorities of domain where we have taken the space.This process sometimes take a maximum of 7 days as it needs authentication.
  • When they signed the Certificate Signing Request we have to came back to the Certificates and then upload the signed certificate received from registrar by clicking on “Upload Signed Certificates” button

  • Domain Branding Image

  • Choose the Certificate file and Save the Record.
  • Now you can use domain branding in Salesforce easily.

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