E2Excel App

Astrea E2Excel App Image

E2Excel is a native Salesforce app. We have written Apex code to export the data from List view. We do not pull the data out of your Salesforce instance. All data remains in your Salesforce instance.

E2Excel supports Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity and any custom objects. In the Application, the Export To Excel button is only present for Account , Contact, Lead And Opportunity . User can add this button in any object required. Now, Users are able to export the exact replica of list view of any object with complete records or selected records in a button click only.

You can get the product from Salesforce AppExchange.

In this Application, the button is used for both standard and custom objects. User can select the specific records or can export all records without selecting the checkbox of the object required.

Other features that E2Excel supports are:

  • Simple easy to use intuitive interface with just one button.
  • Users can select the records by selecting the checkbox or they can export all records by just clicking the button.

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here.