Education Cloud-Salesforce for Higher Ed envision to provide the institutions a powerful platform to become a connected campus and scale as per the need with the backend of Salesforce technology.

Education Cloud provides institutions the right balanced management solutions allowing schools to cater to the scattered needs of students, staff, alumni and donors. With the Education Cloud these campuses can truly become a connected one with a 360 degree view of students and other components of the institution across the lifecycle. There are solutions for the Recruitment and Admissions, Marketing, Student Success, and community building that enables a personalized experience at every touchpoint for the institutions.

Gift Entry Manager- For Higher Ed

The Education Cloud comes with many advancement offerings that can help in creating engagement, campaign execution and building & maintaining relationships. For example, for Institution to run financial aid campaigns the platform allows to build a personal relationship with the Alumni by creating and mapping all the touch points depending on person to person situations and starting a conversation from within the Salesforce platform. So, instead of traditional mailings an institution can start a conversation with the Alumni and build a relationship.There are other features as part of the advancements and a very new of them is Gift Entry Manager which is announced for US launch recently.

As part of the Advancement in the Higher Ed and to support the fundraising operations, the Salesforce Education Cloud platform announces new gift entry manager application. GEM can help in capturing all of the details of gifts and is flexible as per the org needs. If the gift information is captured properly it opens up the power and capabilities of Salesforce platform to get new insights and create an engagement for alumni and donors.

GEM being built on top of HEDA easily embed with the donor management and fundraising operations and provides an interface to capture the gift and donor in a streamlined manner. Batch gift entry(BGE) is another useful feature of the Gift Entry Manager that provides a grid type interface with ability to process large batch files on a single page and a mouse-free data entry option as well. The processing of data with BGE allows creation of a matching logic in order to prevent duplicate information and also comes with enhanced accounting capabilities.