Salesforce Einstein Next Best Action

The Einstein Next Best Action tool is a form of AI present inside the Salesforce interface that uses recommendations, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Intelligence to integrate the strategies, tactics, and business insights. Einstein Next Best Action was introduced in Spring’19 by Salesforce for business automation.

With the increasing demand of the market, users need an easy way to check the Sales, Service, Marketing, and other departments in detail. And in this case, Einstein Next Best Action can recommend the right decision and details. You just have to create the right strategy for better recommendations. It can be easily configured without any code.

Einstein NBA displays the right recommendations to the right people at the right time.

It all depends on the user to follow or not to follow the recommendations. With the Einstein NBA, anyone can easily deliver the recommendation with the maximum impact. Einstein Next Best Action can even be used in communities which can help you in displaying recommendations to your customers. You need to integrate the details from Salesforce or non- Salesforce sources to get better recommendations.

Einstein NBA works on the usage limits. The companies get a free monthly allowance of 5000 requests and if they exceed the limit then Salesforce will contact the users for the usage pricing.

einstein next best action

If you want to use Einstein NBA for recommendations then you have to complete the following steps:

  • Create Recommendations.
  • Build Flow
  • Display Recommendations

Steps to create Recommendations with Einstein Next Best Action:

  • Click New Recommendation in the Recommendations Tab.

    create recommendations in einstein next best action

  • It is not compulsory to upload an image. It is optional for the users.
  • Enter the required acceptance and rejection label.
  • Now you can create the flow in the action option. If the user accepts the recommendation then the user will be redirected to the action option.
  • Users can choose the flow as per the acceptance & rejection label. Finally, click Save.

Steps to Build Flow:

After the creation of the recommendation, you have to build the flow in Flow Builder.

  • Create the new flow from the flow builder and select the flow type.
  • You can select the elements which you want from the canvas for building the flow.
  • Now you need to connect the elements in the way you want them to execute. Also, connect the start element to another one. And then save the flow.

Steps to create Strategy:

  • Open the Strategy Builder from setup or Next Best Action in the Quick Find box. Select Next Best Action and click New Strategy.
  • Enter the required details for the strategy.
  • Now select the context object from the Object where the Recommendations will Display.
  • After this, select the suitable element from the canvas.
  • Arrange the elements in order for the correct flow of recommendations.
  • Save the changes.

Steps to Display Recommendations:

At last, you can select the page to display the recommendations. You can use the App's home page, lightning record page, or any other app page depending on where you want to display the recommendations.

Here is an example to display the recommendation on the Lightning page:

  • Create, edit a record page in the Lightning app builder
  • Now drag the Einstein NBA from the component list to the place where you want to display the recommendation.
  • Select the number of recommendations and the particular action strategy which you want the component should display.

Einstein NBA is the best platform to display the right recommendation to the right users at the right time in Einstein. Adieu, my friends!


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