Einstein Analytics Dashboard Pages

In Einstein Analytics the dashboard can be broken into multiple pages, each with a specific focus and audience. Pages have the following features:

  • Increased Dashboard performance due to less number of widgets.
  • Reusability of widgets across the pages in the same dashboard.
  • New cool effects & animations while navigating from one page to another.

Managing Pages:

Follow the below steps in order to manage the pages

  • Open the dashboard in edit mode.
  • Click on (+) to add another page.


  • We can rename the page or hide it from the navigation widget.


  • For navigating to the specific page, add a link widget. On clicking link widget properties, we have option to link to a dashboard, page, step, lens, or web page.
  • To add the existing widgets on other pages, select the widgets, click Add to Page, and then select the pages.
  • Save the dashboard (by pressing [s]).

Einstein Pages

Note: We can add up to 20 pages per dashboard.



For any query on Einstein Analytics Dashboard, contact support@astreait.com