Embedding the Analytics Dashboard on Lightning Experience and Visualforce Pages

Hi all! Have you ever thought of embedding the Einstein Analytics Dashboard in every Salesforce Experience? I think maybe some of you would have. So, be happy because you can add the Analytics Dashboard in Salesforce. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to add Einstein Analytics Dashboard on Lightning Page or Visualforce Page.

Embedding Analytics Dashboard on Lightning Experience:

In Salesforce Lightning we can add the Wave Dashboard on Home, Record and App home Pages.
For doing this, we would need the following permission:
→ Analytics Platform permission set license with Use Analytics permission

Follow these steps to add the Dashboard on Lightning Experience:

  1. Login to org, open the Lightning App Builder page and create a new Lightning Page.

  2. Now a prompt will open, it will ask for some details regarding how we are going to use the Lightning Page, Label etc.

  3. After performing all the steps as needed, following screen will be shown:

    Embedding The Analytics Dashboard image1

  4. Click on the Wave Dashboard and you will get a dashboard layout on your lightning page.

    Embedding The Analytics Dashboard image2

  5. You can select which dashboard you want to display on the Lightning Page.Also, you can change the size of the dashboard and many others things.

  6. Various other parameters which you can edit are below:
    • Height: This attribute let you change the height of the Dashboard.
    • Filter: You can use filters to show only relevant data related to the records.
    • Show sharing Icon: If you enable this option, you will get a dashboard sharing icon by which you can share or download dashboard data.

      Embedding The Analytics Dashboard image3

      You can use all the other options.

  7. Also, you can select the layout in which you want to view your dashboards.

    Embedding The Analytics Dashboard image4

  8. Now save your dashboard and then click on Activation. Give your app name and choose the icon and save.

After performing the above-noted steps, search for your app name which you have given while activating your lightning page in App Launcher and click on your App name to open the newly created page.

Embedding The Analytics Dashboard image5

Also, we can do the same to add the Einstein Dashboards on the Home Page or Record page.

Einstein Analytics Dashboard on Visualforce Page:

Also, we can add Einstein Dashboards on the Visualforce Page. Keep following the article, at last, we all will see a Dashboard on the visualforce page too.

  1. Open the Visualforce Pages and create a new page. Give the name of the page and other information related to the Visualforce page.

    Embedding The Analytics Dashboard image6

  2. To add the wave dashboard on the visualforce page add the < wave: dashboard> component on the dashboard. To know more about the component click on the Component reference button and at the last of the component list, you will find the wave dashboard component.
    Embedding The Analytics Dashboard image7

    Embedding The Analytics Dashboard image8

  3. Note: You can add only one dashboard per visualforce page.

  4. To add the desired dashboard on the Visualforce page you need to use the Dashboard Id of that dashboard. Dashboard Id is 18 character code and which you can find at the last of the URL of the dashboard.

  5. There are some other attributes as those were in the Lightning App builder and you can use them as well in the Visualforce Page. Following are the list of other attributes:

    • height
    • filter
    • hideOnError
    • openLinksInNewWindow
    • showheader
    • showSharing
    • showTitle
    • width

  6. Note: You can not enable the sharing icon until your dashboard size is greater than 612 pixels.

  7. Configure the < wave:dashboard > component as per your requirement and you will see a Visualforce page is ready with an Einstein Analytics dashboard embedded on it.

    Embedding The Analytics Dashboard image9

If you have any queries regarding Wave Dashboards on Salesforce Experience, feel free to contact us at support@astreait.com