Employee Availability Component for Case Object


The client is a large US based consulting firm


The Client uses a ticketing system in the organisation to assign the work to employees. The client uses native Case object where he stores all the information for tickets.

The client had a requirement for a quick view of the team's workload based on the open date and due date of their open tickets, along with the complexity of work in a graphical fashion. The view should give an indication of availability for team members, so that the tasks can be assigned promptly.


For the requirements, we created a lightning component to show the workload of the employee on the basis of their work priority. Color coding is given below

  1. Red - work priority is high
  2. Orange - work priority is medium
  3. Green - work priority is low
  4. Gray - Show weekend
  5. White - showing user is free on this day
X hours show the number of hours a user is assigned for that ticket.

We read the data from Case Object and implement it as described below.

  1. Every strip represents one ticket assigned to an employee.
  2. By looking at every strip client can see which employee has a task with open date, due date, number of hours and priority, and who has no task.

In the first column the employee name is displayed. The component is flexible for how many days the user wants to see the employee workload. If a client wants to see the employee's availability she needs to look at white strip. Figure 1 demonstrates a screenshot of the Lightning component

Employee availability component case object
Figure 1: Graphical view of the Case allocation