Field Service Management Using Salesforce

Field Service Mobile Apps most commonly refers to companies who need to manage installation, service or repairs of systems or equipment. It can also refer to software and cloud-based platforms that helps in field service management. Its is basically an online system that helps organizations deliver efficient services onsite by tracking requests or activities.

An outstanding field service app is the one which plays an important role in customer satisfaction. If the complaints and requests are figured out and solved on time, the customers are always content with the app. A Field Service App can inculcate many functions that support all the field operations. Salesforce however is used as a backend in these apps. All the data is stored and maintained in the Salesforce. Salesforce being the no.1 CRM is the best option for data storage in the field service apps.

Some of the features of Field Service App with Salesforce are-
  • Account information- accessing the account information from Salesforce which helps in viewing the history of the site or product while technicians are out in the field
  • Access documents- Accessing technical or other required documents while working on site.
  • Reports- Reports can be created and send to selected contacts selected via email
  • Offline Storage- Data can be stored offline and it gets synced with Salesforce once connected with an internet
  • Status updates- updating live status of the site on the app
  • Timesheets- Record timesheets on the app which helps in analyzing how much time was consumed including travelling time and time spent on site
  • Digital Signature- Capturing digital signature which helps in automatic status update of the field operation
  • Photo Upload- Allow photos to be uploaded onto Salesforce from the device camera clicked instantly or previously taken photos on the app
  • Live data capture- Perform inserts and updates functions to different records - either instantly when online or line up them for later
  • Geo Location- Tracking the current location of the device/technician
  • QR code scanning- Scanning the barcode for various purposes can be done
  • Generating quotes- Quotation for products can be generated if required
Some of the scenarios where Field Service apps are useful-
  • In healthcare, where nurses and junior doctors can be available for quick analysis and treatment of the patient
  • In telecommunication, where technicians are available for quick analysis of the problem
  • In e commerce, where delivery boy delivers the parcel to the customers and takes the digital signature acknowledging successful item delivery
  • In food inspections, where technicians analyze the germs affected food and water and create reports
  • In commercial sector, where technicians investigate firms for any leaks or repairs
  • In Real estate, reviewing construction status of the units

Field Service Mobile App Image
Field Service Mobile App Image
Field Service Mobile App Image